Featured Products

  1. TrialMax Web™ eCOA (Electronic Clinical Outcomes Assessments)

    TrialMax Web™ is a web-based diary specifically designed for late phase trials, which tend to be larger and longer in duration.

  2. Market Research Report: Best Practices In Patient Recruitment

    This primary market research report reveals what the respondents (all key decision-makers within sponsor organizations, CROs, and sites) consider to be the key drivers to successful patient recruitment and the approaches they utilize for global studies. Its readers will learn which entity (sponsor, CRO, or site) has the greatest potential impact on patient recruitment success, the key drivers for successfully recruiting patients (including which study characteristics impact participation), and the respondents’ insight into how they recruit for global trials.

  3. Harness Real-Time Data To Optimize Clinical Trial Investigator And Site Recruitment

    Time and again, when we ask our partners in clinical development roles what their number one concern is, they respond that recruiting clinical trial patients and sites on-time and on-budget is an enormous and expensive challenge.

  4. Hematology And Oncology

    Gain a competitive advantage for your study in the ever-evolving landscape of hematology and oncology drug and biologic clinical development.

  5. Adaptive Trial Design and Implementation

    Cytel brings its expertise in adaptive designs to the design and implementation of the industry’s most innovative clinical trials. These highly flexible trials raise peculiar challenges for enrollment, data collection and regulatory submission. Why not have the industry leaders in adaptive design working on your adaptive trials?