Clinical Technologies Solutions

  1. Home-Based eDiaries
    The most important characteristic of an eDiary is ease of use for patients. CRF Health offers several eDiary device options to ensure each study team can choose a device that best fits the needs of the study.
  2. Clinical Data Management

    At Theorem Clinical Research, our team of global Clinical Data Management (CDM) experts are committed to upholding a standardized, process-driven approach. As a customer-focused operation, we feature a robust service portfolio and strive to ensure the highest quality results on every project.

  3. ePRO Knowledge Center
    These published documents from the FDA and ISPOR support the use of ePRO in clinical trials.
  4. ePRO Devices
    At CRF Health we recognize that each therapeutic area, patient population, study protocol and geographic location present their own demands for eDiary solutions.
  5. Phase I Services
    For the early stages of drug development, Rho provides packages for Phase I clinical trials that have predictable cost structures.
  6. Clinical Data Management
    Clinical Data Management has been a cornerstone of our clinical research services for more than 25 years. We have spent the last 2 decades sharpening our skills and processes to consistently deliver databases of the highest quality with unmatched speed and flexibility.