Clinical Technologies Solutions

  1. Trial Success Program Datasheet
    Not only does a successful ePRO system have to be well-designed and technically sound, but it must also be managed expertly, supported fully, and delivered consistently to sites around the world.
  2. SitePad Tablet - Preferred By Clinicians For COA, ClinRO, And ePRO

    The PHT SitePad tablet continues to capture site-based questionnaires, patient reported data (PRO) and clinical trial survey data efficiently and easily. Clinicians prefer the touch-screen convenience. It is available with a 10” or 12” screen which is ample size to display each question and all available answers, to avoid scrolling bias.

  3. ePRO Product Suite

    PHT Corporation was founded in 1994 out of a desire to enable more personalized clinical research. At the time, scientific researchers relying on paper diaries needed a proven way to capture reliable data from patients between clinic visits. PHT patented the model of using handheld devices in conjunction with online technologies in order to send subject self-assessments directly to a central server. These data could then be reviewed in real time for improved subject symptom, compliance, enrollment and safety monitoring. This PHT invention has become the foundation for the modern electronic patient reported outcome (ePRO) industry.

  4. NetPRO: Web-based ePRO Collection

    PHT NetPRO collects patient and clinician data for clinical trials and post-marketing studies via the Internet. Like all other PHT modalities, PHT NetPRO data is immediately viewable by sites and sponsors via the PHT StudyWorks™ portal.

  5. LogPad - Trusted by Sponsors for Over Ten Years

    As the voice of the patient becomes increasingly relevant in drug approvals, trial sponsors need new and better ways to collect and manage PRO data. PHT's LogPad System is the most trusted ePRO solution used in clinical trials around the world.

  6. TrialMax Web™ eCOA (Electronic Clinical Outcomes Assessments)

    TrialMax Web™ is a web-based diary specifically designed for late phase trials, which tend to be larger and longer in duration.

  7. Brochure: TrialMax Slate™ Site-Based ePRO
    TrialMax Slate™ is intended to be used at the study sites during subject visits for completion of QoL and other PRO instruments during those visits.
  8. Brochure: TrialMax Touch™ Home-Based eDiaries
    TrialMax Touch™ is CRF Health’s handheld eDiary device for home- and site-based data collection.
  9. Site-Based eDiaries
    At CRF Health we understand that the data collection needs of investigator sites and patients are varied and complex.
  10. Home-Based eDiaries
    The most important characteristic of an eDiary is ease of use for patients. CRF Health offers several eDiary device options to ensure each study team can choose a device that best fits the needs of the study.