Products and Services

  1. Global Clinical Trial Support

    For over 20 years, TransPerfect has been a trusted name in global support services for leading life sciences companies and CROs. That same level of commitment and expertise is endemic in Trial Interactive's global clinical trial support offerings.

  2. Risk Management & Pharmacovigilance

    Led by industry safety expert, Annette Stemhagen, DrPH, FISPE, UBC’s Risk Management, Registries & Epidemiology team brings unmatched passion and commitment to your product and your reputation. 

  3. Commercial Regulatory Approval And Market Adoption Expertise

    You want real-world evidence? You need a real-world partner. We’re closer to today’s commercial realities than any other CRO or HEOR vendor.

  4. Clinical Trial Site Activation & Data Saas: Activate

    Activate is the industry’s first purpose-built software-as-service (SaaS) application that enables sponsors, CROs, and sites to get studies started in the shortest time possible. Hosted in the cloud, Activate provides anytime, anywhere access to site activation status metrics and data.

  5. Patient Recruitment & Retention

    Bioclinica’s Patient Recruitment & Retention division enables companies to effectively recruit, engage, and retain patients for clinical trials in a timely and cost-effective manner.  We maintain an extensive patient database as well as patient communities that can be tapped for quality patients, provide customized marketing programs to aid recruitment, develop best-in-class retention materials, and offer an array of tools and services to drive site performance.

  6. Data Standards
    Data Standards is one of Rho's strongest capabilities and one of the services most in demand by our clients. Our company's distinct advantage is our knowledge of the standards and the tools we have developed to support their use.
  7. Market Research Report: Phase II/III Study Trends And Market Outlook (2016-2020)

    This market research report explores the trends, resource allocation, and market direction that the Phase II/III clinical sphere is expected to experience in the coming years.  The data come from 112 high-level decision makers at pharmaceutical and biotech organizations who have responsibilities for outsourced Phase II/III drug development activities within their organizations.

  8. Unit-Dose Contract Packaging For Pediatric Dosage Forms

    Easily blended in a child’s food or beverage, pediatric powders in unit-dose stick-packs provide taste masking and convenience without compromising integrity.

  9. Global Clinical Research

    Bioclinica’s Global Clinical Research segment is specifically structured to create clarity in the clinical trial process, so you can make better decisions. The Global Clinical Research segment is composed of the Research Network, Patient Recruitment-Retention, and Post-Approval Research divisions. In each division, we utilize data and technology to enable more efficient trial conduct, seek to reduce the size and complexity of trials, and employ advanced analytics to identify patients who would be high responders for a particular clinical trial.

  10. Quality Assurance
    At Rho, Quality Assurance (QA) is an independent group that promotes excellence by ensuring adherence to our processes. Our auditors' focus on quality has been honed by years of multidisciplinary clinical research training, from extensive education on topics from software validation to Good Clinical Practices (GCP) to FDA requirements and processes.