Products and Services

  1. Medical Writing
    Each member of our core medical writing team draws on extensive industry knowledge and therapeutic expertise to effectively meet our clients' requirements.
  2. Custom IRT System

    We will collaborate with you to design a customized base IRT system that meets your unique requirements.

  3. Training and Support

    At MedNet Solutions, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality training and supportive services possible to help our customers succeed and to ensure they get the most out of thier technology.

  4. Phase I eClinical Software: m1

    m1 is Medrio's eClinical suite for Phase I including CloudEDC™ and all the features you need to make your Phase I trial run smoothly.

  5. Market Research Report: CRO Quality Benchmarking – Phase II/III Service Providers (9th Edition)

    This market research report was developed based off of the responses of 296 industry professionals involved in outsourcing Phase II/III projects, and the 812 service encounters they’ve had over the last 18 months.  It includes information on respondent’s outsourcing philosophies and practices, their perceptions of and experiences with CROs involved in Phase II/III trials, how they select CROs, and their performance analysis of 37 different CROs.

  6. Market Research Report: Late Phase Study Trends And Market Outlook (2016-2020)

    This market research report contains findings focused on the current dynamics in the Late Phase clinical trials market and a forecast of how it will evolve by 2020. The data in the report comes from 102 surveyed decision-makers at sponsor organizations.

  7. Worldwide Clinical Trials Oncology Portfolio

    Recent understandings have both enlightened and complicated oncology clinical research. Key among them is the heterogeneity of tumors at the same primary site. The ensuing necessity for companion diagnostics to identify which patients will benefit from a targeted therapy and for rapid identification of molecules that can sidestep acquired resistance, plus progress in immunologic- and vaccine-based treatments, have increased the complexity of drug development. At Worldwide Clinical Trials, our core oncology expertise means your trial starts from a favorable, advanced position. Our commitment to your study objectives and our ability to proactively identify and overcome operational challenges mitigate your risk.

  8. Quality Assurance
    At Rho, Quality Assurance (QA) is an independent group that promotes excellence by ensuring adherence to our processes. Our auditors' focus on quality has been honed by years of multidisciplinary clinical research training, from extensive education on topics from software validation to Good Clinical Practices (GCP) to FDA requirements and processes.
  9. Bioanalytical Sciences

    Worldwide Clinical Trials Bioanalytical Sciences has built its reputation on providing quality service with rapid turnaround at a competitive cost. With the most modern bioanalytical instrumentation and more than 1,500 methods, we are at the forefront of the industry in the development of bioanalytical methodology. We can develop a custom method for your compound(s) or transfer/modify your existing method.

  10. Partner Program

    The iMedNet Partner Program is designed to help CROs and consulting organizations improve efficiency, expand their service offerings, and win more business.