Partnering Webinars

  1. Disrupting Clinical Operations With CRO Strategic Partnerships

    Clinical Trials, the costliest stage in drug development, have much to benefit from leveraging the cloud to collaborate with partners and share views of key data trends and process metrics.

  2. Protein Therapeutics By Immunoaffinity LC-MS: Latest Trends And Recommendations

    Learn about the application of immunoaffinity LC-MS to regulated bioanalysis of biotherapeutics.

  3. eClinicalGPS Site Payment Solution

    Learn how Greenphire's eClinicalGPS site payment solution offers flexible delivery models to maximize ROI, adoption, and help sponsors and CROs meet their business objectives.

  4. Automating Research Site Payments eClinicalGPS

    Learn how automating payments to research sites improves research site performance, supports site sustainability and delivers a more collaborative, trusting relationship between research stakeholders.

  5. Global Site Advocacy Group Meeting

    Gain an understanding around site payment burdens and how our solutions can empower sites around the world.

  6. Site Payments Automation

    Learn the advantages that sponsors and CROs gain when choosing to automate site grant payments.

  7. Monitoring Clinical Trials With Electronic Informed Consent

    During this webinar, informed consent experts with decades of hands-on monitoring experience discuss the challenges they’ve encountered and how to overcome them with the integration of eConsent.

  8. Overcoming Current Clinical Trial Management Challenges

    Clinical trial sponsors face many challenges in clinical trials – including how to mitigate risks that could cause delays and increase trial costs.

  9. Planning And Conducting Trials Of The Latest Immunotherapies

    In this webinar, INC Research/inVentiv Health experts discuss the factors that sponsors must take into account as they design and execute clinical trials in this space, beginning with a review of the immunotherapy landscape.

  10. Are Delays In Clinical Trials Due To A Lack Of Experienced CRAs?

    The webinar focuses issues and bottlenecks that contribute to delays that are outside of the CRA control.