Regulatory Solutions

  1. Global Pharmacovigilance And Safety Solutions

    As the world’s largest privately held provider of global communication and technology solutions to the life sciences industry, TransPerfect offers an end-to-end solution to handle all aspects of pharmacovigilance and safety management in over 170 languages.

  2. Pharmacovigilance System Master File

    One of the many challenges in clinical trials, for both compounds and medical devices in development, is the need to rapidly communicate any potential safety concerns or findings, during pharmacovigilance, to all applicable regulatory authorities.

  3. Electronic Regulatory & Study Binders

    All clinical trials collect regulatory documentation in order to receive authorization to conduct the trial at investigative sites. Trials require a Regulatory Binder and many keep separate Study Binders.

  4. Global Multilingual Call Center

    TransPerfect's device-independent call center solutions allow you to easily and affordably route calls to our global call centers where we intake and process cases, either as part of a clinical trial or in supporting post-marketing pharmacovigilance efforts (adverse events, medical information, product complaints, patient registries, etc.).

  5. Electronic Trial Master Files

    As life sciences companies move to semi-virtual environments keeping only the most vital functions in house, more and more Trial Master Files are being converted to an eTMF format.

  6. Merge CTMS For Investigators - Enterprise Datasheet

    You want a clinical trial management system (CTMS) that is simple enough for all stakeholders to use and that delivers results.

  7. Merge CTMS For Investigators Features And Capabilities

    Merge CTMS for Investigators offers groundbreaking ease-of-use, power, and flexibility, helping you organize and centralize your clinical research. Scalable, secure, and backed by the most comprehensive customer support program in the industry, Merge CTMS is the site success solution.

  8. Merge CTMS For Investigators - Independent Research Datasheet

    You are constantly facing increased competition for the best studies, mountains of papers and spreadsheets, vast array of complex sponsor contracts to track, and pressure to watch the bottom line.

  9. Merge CTMS For Investigators

    Through enhanced productivity and business management tools, Merge CTMS for Investigators allows research organizations to centralize study information, organize research activities, and improve recruitment and financial performance.

  10. Merge eClinical OS™ Brochure

    Merge eClinical OS™, our flagship product, is a truly unified platform designed to help clients manage and run studies faster and more cost effectively.