Trial Design Solutions

  1. Clinical Project Management

    Marken’s intensive project management approach means that your project moves seamlessly through the clinical trial process.

  2. Temperature Controlled Shipments

    Every year, more products enter the market with specific temperature profiles that must be strictly maintained to preserve their efficacy. Marken is uniquely qualified to provide the packaging, logistics, and transportation services needed to ensure product integrity at every step in your process.

  3. BIOsystem Box For Biologics Transportation

    Marken’s BIOsystem box has been designed and engineered specifically for the transportation of frozen and controlled ambient biologics.

  4. Therapeutic Supply Chain

    At the heart of Marken’s therapeutic supply chain is a network of strategically located, purpose-built depots. We currently support trials at over 49,000 investigator sites around the globe.

  5. Diagnostic Supply Chain

    Marken offers unmatched access to a global network of strategically located, purpose-built pharmaceutical service depots and a full suite of custom-tailored services.

  6. KoKo® DigiDoser Brochure

    Designed for both centralized bronchial challenge and centralized spirometry, the KoKo® DigiDoser spirometer automates timing of challenge stages and dosing intervals, decreasing opportunity for user error, while providing the most advanced, controlled, and reproducible aerosol dosing available. Redefining accuracy in every step of the testing process, nSpire Health’s KoKo DigiDoser delivers the most accurate test results possible.

  7. eSense™ Datasheet - The Family Of Medical Devices Integrated Into The PHT ePRO System
    eSense enables researchers to collect and evaluate physiological patient measurements together with electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePROs).
  8. ePro Product Suite
    PHT Corporation was founded in 1994 out of a desire to enable more personalized clinical research. At the time, scientific researchers relying on paper diaries needed a proven way to capture reliable data from patients between clinic visits. PHT patented the model of using handheld devices in conjunction with online technologies in order to send subject self-assessments directly to a central server. These data could then be reviewed in real time for improved subject symptom, compliance, enrollment and safety monitoring. This PHT nvention has become the foundation for the modern electronic patient reported outcome (ePRO) industry.
  9. StudyWorks Online Portal For Real-Time Access To Data Datasheet

    StudyWorks is an online portal which provides real-time access to data collected using the LogPad System, SitePad or NetPRO. With standard and custom data summaries and reports, it enables site personnel to manage compliance and enrollment, while helping sponsors stay on top of their global trial at all times.

  10. Point Of Care Solutions For Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials
    Blinded Diagnostics is a contract service organization specializing in same day lab test results using point-of-care diagnostic platforms to optimize patient enrollment testing, blinded studies, adaptive trials and remote patient testing.