Trial Design Webinars

  1. Addressing Acceptable Recruitment Methods For Clinical Trial Sponsors And Sites

    Patient engagement solutions to expedite study recruitment.

  2. The Future of Patient Engagement: Measuring What Matters

    Patient, industry, and regulatory stakeholders shared their perspectives on today's meaning of effective engagement and what the future state of patient engagement will look like. Panelists discussed what they believe should be the outcomes of their investments of effort and how we can engage patients to identify the outcomes that matter most.

  3. The Evolution Of Evidence Generation: Real-World Evidence And The Next Generation Of Decision Making

    In this DIAmond session, prominent thinkers on scientific evidence for support of biomedical decision-making will discuss our readiness to tap Real World Evidence (RWE) for safety and efficacy questions and consider its uses for regulatory purposes. The benefits and challenges of using RWE to generate evidence of sufficient quality for decision-making, following the concept of using fit-for-purpose research tools, were examined.

  4. Leverage An Asia-Pacific Network To Create Regional Efficiencies In Clinical Supply Management

    Clinical packaging, logistics and import/export considerations that should be taken into account when developing a clinical supply strategy in China, Singapore and Japan.

  5. Navigating Clinical Supply Challenges In Emerging Regions

    Don't let the complex logistics involved in the handling of clinical supplies in certain regions of the world put your patients at risk or jeopardize both the study budget and timeline.

  6. Demand Led Services and Clinical Supply Efficiency

    See how this service can benefit you with shorter lead time, less waste, less stock out risk and no booklet labels.

  7. Planning And Conducting Trials Of The Latest Immunotherapies

    In this webinar, INC Research/inVentiv Health experts discuss the factors that sponsors must take into account as they design and execute clinical trials in this space, beginning with a review of the immunotherapy landscape.

  8. Logistics Leaders - How To Successfully Ship Cell And Gene Therapies

    Hear insights from Sam Herbert, president of World Courier, regarding how the evolution of the supply chain in traditional small and large molecules is a handoff from clinical partners into commercial partners.

  9. Evidence-Based Approaches For Accelerating Patient Enrollment In Oncology

    The number of oncology clinical trials has increased exponentially in recent years, putting ever more pressure on increasing clinical trial efficiency by reducing costs and timelines. Patient recruitment swallows 40% of trial costs, yet only 10–17% of studies enroll on time and approximately 11% of sites in any given study fail to enroll a single patient.

  10. Rare and Orphan Diseases Patient Perceptions

    Do you face the challenge of recruiting and retaining rare disease patients for orphan drug clinical trials? Now, discover how you can boost participation, enhance outcomes and speed drug development in this competitive market.