Trial Design Webinars

  1. Latin America: Challenges & Opportunities In Clinical Research

    With an established regulatory environment and a strong healthcare infrastructure, Latin America continues to grow as an advantageous landscape for conducting clinical research. Join Medpace experts Anibal Calmaggi, MD, Senior Medical Director, Infectious Diseases and Vaccines, and Wanda Dobrzanski, MD, Director Clinical Operations, Pediatric infectious diseases and Pharmaceutical medicine specialist, as they share their collective 36 years of experience in designing and managing clinical research in Latin America.

  2. Drivers And Trends In Cardiovascular Device Development: Insights From Key Opinion Leaders

    New trends are emerging in medical device development. In this webinar, Dr. Dean J. Kereiakes, a leading Key Opinion Leader in interventional cardiology, shares his expert views on how the cardiovascular medical device world is evolving, and how this field links to daily clinical practice and research. Through panel discussion with Dr. Nicholas Alp and Danny Detiege and through audience interaction, he provides valuable insights into the future of medical device clinical development.

  3. Beware The Hidden Costs Of Conducting Clinical Trials: Understanding The Landmines And How To Avoid Them

    In this webinar, we explore four areas that can dramatically affect the cost and timelines of your clinical program and offer insight into elimination and control of these hidden landmines.

  4. Gene Editing – Challenges And Future Of CRISPR In Clinical Development

    Gene editing technology is a rapidly evolving area of clinical and translational research that combines the potential of great advances with profound ethical challenges. Join Medpace medical and regulatory experts to discuss the unique opportunity of this evolving technology as it applies to human diseases.

  5. How To Boost Disclosure Efficiencies With Outsourcing

    In this webinar, you’ll hear about exciting new advisory and managed disclosure services from TrialScope, including: compliance, policy and process assessments, as well as plain-language summaries, protocol registration, results posting, and redaction services.

  6. Small Size, Big Plans- Drug And Biologic Development Advice For Small Companies

    This webinar will provide advice on how to set your small company up for long-term success through the use of strategic development plans, purposeful outsourcing, patent protection, partnership strategies, and provide specific examples of success stories and lessons learned.

  7. Bench To Clinic: Planning For A Successful Translation

    This webinar will provide an overview of the clinical, nonclinical, CMC, and regulatory activities necessary for a successful IND submission.

  8. Tackling The EU CTR Compliance Challenge

    Maintaining disclosure compliance is tricky enough with, but when it comes to EU CTR compliance, the complexity rises to a whole new level. As a sponsor, do you find your organization “guilty” of these common errors?

  9. Linking Study Quality To Leading Practices For Proactive Planning

    How building in quality can lead to transformational process changes.

  10. Moving Beyond Regulatory And Performance Metrics In Starting Clinical Trials

    How sponsors/CROs are looking for ways to incorporate BI into the eClinical systems they are using to empower oversight - turning raw trail data into actionable information.