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Phase II, III, IV eClinical Suite: mCore Phase II, III, IV eClinical Suite: mCore

mCore is Medrio's all Phase eClinical suite which includes CloudEDC™. It is well suited for Phase II, III, IV, in Pharma, Diagnostics, Medical Device, and Animal Health studies.

Mobile eClinical Software: mSource Mobile eClinical Software: mSource

mSource is Medrio's mobile eSource application that includes mPRO, mCapture, and mConsent. All products are native applications and are designed for use in early phase and Phase I research.

Harness Real-Time Data To Optimize Clinical Trial Investigator And Site Recruitment Harness Real-Time Data To Optimize Clinical Trial Investigator And Site Recruitment

Time and again, when we ask our partners in clinical development roles what their number one concern is, they respond that recruiting clinical trial patients and sites on-time and on-budget is an enormous and expensive challenge.

Cloud-Based EDC: eClinicalOS Cloud-Based EDC: eClinicalOS

There are phones, and then there are smart phones. There are cars, and then there are smart cars. There’s research, and now there’s smart research. And that’s where we come in. Welcome to eClinicalOS.

Electronic Data Capture (EDC): ClinCapture Electronic Data Capture (EDC): ClinCapture

ClinCapture is the only free validated EDC system on the market. ClinCapture’s cloud-based EDC system is an automated self-service platform offering a user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop features to build and manage clinical studies. ClinCapture removes IT dependency, brings significant savings compared to existing solutions in the industry, while meeting regulatory requirements.

Data Management Data Management

With more than two decades of experience providing customized data management services for clinical trials to our clients, SynteractHCR is a contract research organization that has developed a reputation for high quality, cost effective solutions to fit your unique project needs. We know the importance of accurate, timely data management for clinical trials, and that’s why we have implemented the right combination of technologies with the care and insight of experienced personnel. Our clinical data managers have medical and life science backgrounds and as well as specialized programming experience. 

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