The High Cost of Clinical Research – Who’s To Blame And What Can Be Done?
The High Cost of Clinical Research – Who’s To Blame And What Can Be Done?

The cost of new drug discovery has skyrocketed in recent years, and is something that should have everyone in the drug discovery industry concerned. Sergei Varshavsky, M.D., Ph.D., and senior VP of global strategy for contract research firm Synergy Research Group (SynRG), notes it was not always this way. Some of the greatest medicinal discoveries in the history of mankind were inexpensive to develop and test. “There was the discovery of the smallpox vaccine in 1796, ether anesthesia in 1846, and insulin and penicillin in the early 20th century,” he says. “None of them cost much. In fact, the patent for insulin was sold to the University of Toronto for a half-dollar. Despite the low cost, these drugs have saved billions of lives.” Unfortunately today’s medical community is no longer able to accomplish similar feats for such a low cost.

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  • Moving Towards An Electronic Environment In Clinical Trials

    With each passing year, clinical trials are becoming increasingly global. The business of product development is moving away from the traditional model in which studies are conducted primarily in the US – in fact, recent estimates indicate that within the next three years, up to 65 per cent of studies under FDA regulation will be conducted outside the US. A review of a US government clinical trials registry and of 300 published reports in major medical journals revealed that one third (157 of 509) of Phase III trials were being conducted entirely outside the US, with over half the study sites (13,521 of 24,206) used in these trials located overseas, many in eastern Europe and Asia.

  • Merge CTMS For Investigators Features And Capabilities

    Merge CTMS for Investigators offers groundbreaking ease-of-use, power, and flexibility, helping you organize and centralize your clinical research. Scalable, secure, and backed by the most comprehensive customer support program in the industry, Merge CTMS is the site success solution.

  • Improving Life Science Operations With Digital Signatures eBook

    Today, 8 of the top 10 pharmas and 6 of the top 10 CROs use ARX’s CoSign® digital signature solution to help them benefit from fully electronic regulatory document lifecycles, compliance with various FDA GxP regulations, and efficiency in supporting audits.

  • Signature Requirements For The eTMF

    Sponsors and CROs want to ensure that the processes and workflows they use in their electronic Trial Master Files (eTMF) comply with all regulatory requirements, resulting in a robust system that will produce complete documentation able to withstand an agency audit. To provide a solid basis for decision-making, we’ve researched both the regulatory basis for signatures and the technology implications around how to collect signatures. Since the goal of any eTMF system is to streamline processes and increase compliance, implementing valid signature processes in the least cumbersome manner is always of concern.

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    A solid outsourcing strategy is critical to leading your organization to a successful outsourcing experience. Of course every organization in need of outsourced services must consider their priorities: Is it cost? Timelines? Team experience? Some combination? Inevitably the salient considerations are a combination of each of these factors, yet some will be weighed more heavily than others. By Kevin Boos, RDP Clinical Outsourcing, Scott Connor, Acurian, and Meenal Patel, RDP Clinical Outsourcing

  • A Unified Approach To Clinical Trials

    A whitepaper describing how a Unified Approach enhances the safety, simplicity and speed of clinical trials.

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Study Start Up Study Start Up

One of the many challenges in conducting clinical trials is the speed to completion and finalization of essential and regulatory documents by the investigative site personnel.

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Solutions Institutional Review Board (IRB) Solutions

Whether you are a central IRB in North America or an IRB or Ethics Committee affiliated with a hospital, Trial Interactive has the ideal solution to streamline your processes.  

eCOA Collaborative Design Services eCOA Collaborative Design Services

Our collaborative design process and TrialMax® technology allows us to work closely with study teams from the start. This allows us to develop the very best and easy-to-use eCOA design for your clinical trial rapidly and cost-effectively.

TrialStudio®: eCOA Questionnaire Tool TrialStudio®: eCOA Questionnaire Tool

Our TrialStudio® tool enables us to design and adapt eCOA questionnaires quickly, saving you set-up time by leveraging re-use of instruments and diary components.

Beginning April 2012, clinical trial sponsors will have access to a new and innovative clinical trial patient recruitment approach: MyTrialFinder launches on WebMD.
MyTrialFinder MyTrialFinder
Beginning April 2012, clinical trial sponsors will have access to a new and innovative clinical trial patient recruitment approach: MyTrialFinder launches on WebMD.
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