How Do I Get My Compound Into Phase I?
How Do I Get My Compound Into Phase I?

The primary challenge for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in developing their drugs is to carefully assess the relationship between efficacy and toxicity prior to entering into human clinical trials. By Dr. Scott E. Boley and Greg Ruppert

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Bioanalytical Development Services Bioanalytical Development Services

Full capability is the approach INC Research/inVentiv Health takes to bioanalytical development regardless of your project size. Through our GLP-compliant laboratories, an extensive list of validated assays, custom assay services, knowledgeable scientists, and skilled technicians, INC Research/inVentiv Health Clinical provides bioanalytical services in all stages of drug development.

Imaging Core Lab Services Imaging Core Lab Services

ICON Medical Imaging’s use of superior technology, advanced science and experienced people lead to the ultimate goal: results.

Bioanalytical Laboratories Bioanalytical Laboratories

With over 1,500 assays developed in support of over 2,500 studies and with management experience averaging 21 years, ICON Development Solutions has the bioanalytical expertise and track record required to deliver rapid, dependable results. 

PK/PD Modeling & Simulation PK/PD Modeling & Simulation

ICON Development Solutions has industry-recognized expertise in the application and presentation of pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) principles critical for successful drug approval, with experience over the past 5 years that includes the following.

Early Phase Development Early Phase Development
ICON Development Solutions specializes in the strategy and delivery of early phase clinical development for informed, timely decision making. With expertise in early phase clinical research, bioanalytical, PK/PD modelling & simulation and the full range of supporting services, we incorporate scientific excellence and product development strategy in all that we do.
Early-Phase Metabolic Development Early-Phase Metabolic Development
ICON’s consultancy services advise on clinical pharmacology study designs based on preclinical data – including potential use of surrogate markers and pharmacodynamic models, validation of those markers and models, clear objective setting and flexible protocol design.
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