Become The Clinical Partner Of Choice
Become The Clinical Partner Of Choice

Many pharmaceutical companies have started to look at their processes through the lens of valued, external partners. While companies will continue to evaluate the effectiveness of their external partners, many are increasingly looking in the mirror to see at what kind of partner they are to work with.

  • Home Clinical Trial Visits – A Patient Centric Solution
    Home Clinical Trial Visits – A Patient Centric Solution

    The continuing rise of patient-centricity within the drug development industry is a crucial consideration for sponsors when designing their clinical development plans. With initiatives such as the FDAs Patient-Focused Drug Development Program, patient experience and voice within a clinical trial is becoming increasingly important.

  • MDR-TB Study Requires A New Approach To Trials
    MDR-TB Study Requires A New Approach To Trials

    Otsuka Pharmaceutical has been an industry leader in TB drug development for over 30 years. The company is currently focused on MDR (multidrug-resistant)-TB, which refers to a form of the disease that is resistant to at least the two main first-line drugs available on the market.

    In a recent clinical trial, many of the sites lacked proper personnel, training, and equipment. Learn how the company overcame these challenges to make the trial a success.  

  • Do Your Clinical Trial Participants Feel Like Valued Customers?
    Do Your Clinical Trial Participants Feel Like Valued Customers?

    According to Roslyn F. Schneider MD, MSc, Global Patient Affairs Lead at Pfizer, patients can often have a feeling of being powerless, and be left with the impression they are there to serve the drug development process, and not the other way around. “There are times when it seems we are asking patients for their opinions simply so we can paste them in a pre-defined place in an existing system,” she says. “That is not how a company should be treating one of its most critical stakeholders. As an industry we need to continue to find new ways to incorporate participant feedback in a way that is good for patients, their families, and caregivers. This will be beneficial for our companies and societies as a whole since all of these stakeholders are very closely aligned.”

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Study Start Up Study Start Up

One of the many challenges in conducting clinical trials is the speed to completion and finalization of essential and regulatory documents by the investigative site personnel.

Electronic Regulatory & Study Binders Electronic Regulatory & Study Binders

All clinical trials collect regulatory documentation in order to receive authorization to conduct the trial at investigative sites. Trials require a Regulatory Binder and many keep separate Study Binders.

Clinical Trial Feasibility Clinical Trial Feasibility

Delays in research have significant time and cost implications and negatively impact an organization, regardless of size or financial stability. The potential for delays can be decreased or mitigated through comprehensive planning.

CRISTal - Clinical Research Interactive Selection Tool       CRISTal - Clinical Research Interactive Selection Tool

CRISTal is RDP Clinical Outsourcing’s proprietary software platform that facilitates the strategic identification of sites, as well as our highly experienced regional monitors.

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Our professionals do more than just identify your investigators. They carefully assess each potential investigator based on the specific requirements of your study.
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An exceptional Project Management approach lays the foundation for every successful clinical trial. And by successful, we mean more than just completing the project on-time and on-budget.
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