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  • The Real Miracle Of Drug Development: Immunity From Inflation!
    The Real Miracle Of Drug Development: Immunity From Inflation!

    They say there are two certainties in life: death and taxes. If we were to add a third certainty to that list, it might be that we generally have inflation as well. But if rising prices on consumer goods are a fact of life, why are some people surprised when the cost of prescription drugs increase as well?

  • Collaboration Seeks To Simplify Investigator Engagement
    Collaboration Seeks To Simplify Investigator Engagement

    Anyone involved in clinical work knows investigator engagement is not an easy task. Gathering real-time feedback during a trial, selecting the right investigators, and effectively engaging with sites and investigators can be a monumental challenge.

    Earlier this year Invesco Perpetual, an investment firm with holdings in Big Pharma companies including Pfizer, Merck, and GSK, announced a $50 million investment in DrugDev, a data sharing platform for clinical trial doctors with an online network of more than 80,000 clinical trial doctors in 93 countries. DrugDev stated at the time that the money would be used to enhance its clinical trial technology as well as acquire companies with complementary technologies. The first of those companies is CFS Clinical. DrugDev announced it has acquired the company, a provider of business and financial management activities for trials, as part of its plan to help companies control the spiraling cost of clinical trials.

  • Six Ways You Can Avoid Malpractice Risk In Clinical Trials
    Six Ways You Can Avoid Malpractice Risk In Clinical Trials

    When choosing a partner to participate in your human clinical trial, does it matter if you select a state- or federally chartered clinical facility versus a privately operated clinic or hospital? David Shuey, North America life sciences practice leader for insurance brokerage firm Willis Group Holdings plc., believes it does. In fact, if you are not aware of the differences, it could cost you dearly should a problem arise. The issue is sovereign immunity, an ancient carryover from England that is designed to protect the government from lawsuits.

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  • New Molecular Entities (NMEs) The Path Of Resistance

    On a global scale, the number of new molecular entities (NMEs) in development—and, more importantly, the number being approved by regulatory authorities— has dropped significantly in recent years.

  • Moving Towards An Electronic Environment In Clinical Trials

    With each passing year, clinical trials are becoming increasingly global. The business of product development is moving away from the traditional model in which studies are conducted primarily in the US – in fact, recent estimates indicate that within the next three years, up to 65 per cent of studies under FDA regulation will be conducted outside the US. A review of a US government clinical trials registry and of 300 published reports in major medical journals revealed that one third (157 of 509) of Phase III trials were being conducted entirely outside the US, with over half the study sites (13,521 of 24,206) used in these trials located overseas, many in eastern Europe and Asia.

  • Merge CTMS For Investigators - Enterprise Datasheet

    You want a clinical trial management system (CTMS) that is simple enough for all stakeholders to use and that delivers results.

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Study Start Up Study Start Up

One of the many challenges in conducting clinical trials is the speed to completion and finalization of essential and regulatory documents by the investigative site personnel.

Electronic Regulatory & Study Binders Electronic Regulatory & Study Binders

All clinical trials collect regulatory documentation in order to receive authorization to conduct the trial at investigative sites. Trials require a Regulatory Binder and many keep separate Study Binders.

Merge CTMS For Investigators Merge CTMS For Investigators

Through enhanced productivity and business management tools, Merge CTMS for Investigators allows research organizations to centralize study information, organize research activities, and improve recruitment and financial performance.

CoSign Signature API (SAPI®) CoSign Signature API (SAPI®)

Signatures play a crucial role in our day-to-day lives. Organizations understand that paper processes are expensive and are looking to migrate from a pen on paper signature (wet signature) to a true paperless environment. CoSign allows organizations to easily meet this goal.

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Our professionals do more than just identify your investigators. They carefully assess each potential investigator based on the specific requirements of your study.
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An exceptional Project Management approach lays the foundation for every successful clinical trial. And by successful, we mean more than just completing the project on-time and on-budget.
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