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04.03.24 -- 2 Ways To Encourage Investor Funding


Webinar: An Introduction To One Home For Sites - Help Build The Only Industry-Wide Solution To Clinical Trial Tech Overload

Increasing technology demands on clinical research sites have led to technology overload resulting in sites struggling with less capacity to run trials. Join us in this webinar to explore how to alleviate the burden on sites and still gain the benefits being delivered by clinical technology innovators. Click here to learn more.


Why Jane Myles Believes DCTs Are “Completely Doable”

If you want to know about how perceptions regarding DCTs are changing, talk with Jane Myles of the DTRA (Decentralized Trials & Research Alliance). As Program Director at DTRA, she is acutely aware of all the challenges and opportunities surrounding anything with the term “decentralized trial.”

The Rise, Fall, And Eventual Rebound Of Decentralized Clinical Trials

First, there was skepticism, then enthusiasm, and then disillusionment. DCTs have had their ups and downs. Here, we're looking ahead to the future of DCTs.

Data-Driven Adaptive Trials Enhance Safety, Progress, And Economics

By offering guidance on optimizing ROI from extensive data collections and various endpoints in clinical studies, learn how IRT technology can enhance the data-driven approach for sponsors.

DCTs: Balancing Patient Accessibility With Data Reliability

Discover why ongoing dialogue and scrutiny are essential to strike a balance between patient-centered initiatives and the methodological rigor necessary for credible and reliable results.


2 Ways To Encourage Investor Funding

Biotechs should consider these two promising funding models that balance risk with reward: clinical trial-specific fundraising and staged funding release.

Global Prevalence And Clinical Trials Landscape Of DMD

Stay informed with the latest advancements in the fight against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a disease that impacts thousands of lives worldwide.

Optimizing Cell Therapy Supply Chains For Success

When it comes to transporting highly sensitive and valuable materials, such as cell therapies, learn how teams can ensure that unique storage and distribution requirements are met.

Decision-Making For Adopting A 'Bring Your Own Device' Strategy

Set explicit expectations about what "bring your own device" strategies should be, and the associated risks, and propose structured help to support successful decision-making processes and implementation.

Roche Cuts Feasibility Process By 36%

Uncover how an industry pioneer and veteran biotech benefited from this solution after struggling with complexity and consistency when it came to its approach to clinical trial feasibility.


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