Newsletter | May 14, 2024

05.14.24 -- 3 Areas Where AI Could Revolutionize Patient Recruitment And Retention


Webinar: Build Your Diversity Action Plan with AI and Patient Insights

Join us May 29th to explore how to build an effective Diversity Plan including enrollment goals, their rationale, and how to meet them. We’ll highlight how to avoid the key barriers to diversity such as implementation factors, patient access & awareness, and infrastructure changes, and you’ll learn the intricacies of prioritizing trial designs to meet FDA compliance. Click here to learn more.


How AI Is Revolutionizing Patient Recruitment And Retention

Explore three ways in which AI can make a positive impact on patient recruitment and retention, as identified by life sciences consultant Ross Jackson.

Enhancing Participant Experience With Consumerization

Clinical trial technology has transformed the ways we can engage patients. Learn from experts at Uber Health and other clinical tech companies about ways to supercharge the patient experience.

Bringing Flexibility And Efficiency To Your Clinical Study

In this presentation, we delve into why clinical studies are implementing an ePRO solution. Are your trials still using paper questionnaires? Are you curious if your protocol is a good candidate for ePRO?

eConsent For Complex Clinical Trials

Master protocol design trials require an endless stream of consent forms, adding time, cost, and risk. See how a feature-rich eConsent platform can simplify those processes and improve engagement.

Clinical Data Studio: Unleash The True Power Of Research Data

Unlock the full potential of clinical research data with Medidata Clinical Data Studio. Simplify processes, accelerate timelines, and enhance data quality with AI-powered offerings.

TrialKit: Your Comprehensive Solution For Non-Interventional Studies

Empower researchers to effectively tackle the challenges inherent in non-interventional studies by leveraging our comprehensive suite of cutting-edge features and robust functionalities.

Ensuring IP Accessibility And Budget Management With Medrio RTSM

Stay in control of clinical studies with real-time insight into participant status, IP supply, and shipment information by using our Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM) platform.


How Can We Improve Clinical Trial Feasibility Processes?

Clinical Leader Live uncovers how experts work to overcome frustrations in the feasibility and site selection process for clinical trials. Hear from speakers from J&J Innovative Medicines, Takeda, and CSL Behring on ways they’ve been able to improve the feasibility assessment process. Reserve your spot today for this May 30th digital event. Registration is free thanks to the support of inSeption Group.


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