Newsletter | June 14, 2024

06.14.24 -- Storyboarding: The Secret Weapon Of GCP Quality Assurance


Beware Of This Outsourcing Vendor Red Flag: Copy-And-Paste Bids And Cookie-Cutter Contracts

Some companies are still building the infrastructure to support a thorough RFP process. Lean teams must piece together and rely on cross-organizational or third-party expertise. It can be a messy, rushed, and time-consuming process — but it is a necessary one that serves many purposes beyond simply finding a CRO. This article turns a critical eye toward uninspired, cookie-cutter contracts.


Forging Ahead In Rare Disease Research: Pioneering Strategies, Standardized Data

The integration of innovative research methodologies, coupled with the standardization of data and use of advanced visualization techniques, represents a holistic strategy to address the complexities of rare diseases.

The Evolution From Data Integrity To Data Quality

Consider these three factors when transitioning to a more robust and quality-driven data cleaning and central monitoring strategy.

Using AI To Speed And Simplify Site Validation

Sites that lack the proper skills and staff can delay the delivery of drugs to the market. Discover how site validation can be improved by combining qualitative and quantitative data.

Medidata Research Alliance: Partnerships For Medical Progress

Learn about the strategic partnerships, collaborative models, and impactful work that define the Medidata Research Alliance and drive advancements in medical knowledge and patient care.


Storyboarding: The Secret Weapon Of GCP Quality Assurance

Explore how storyboards in GCP quality assurance can serve as a framework for crafting clear, consistent messaging that resonates across inspection teams.

Machine Learning To Drive Clinical Trial Efficiency

Read on as authors explore accessing real-time clinical trial data for proactive study management, using adverse event data to enhance safety and performance, and tools to improve design.


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