Newsletter | July 9, 2024

07.09.24 -- The Transformative Impact Of AI On Rare Disease Research


Webinar: The Only Industry-Wide Solution to Site Tech Overload

The overload of technology for sponsored trial execution has left sites with less capacity to run trials. Join us to learn about One Home for Sites – the only vendor-neutral, sponsor-neutral platform that aggregates and connects the key systems and tasks a site needs to perform across all the clinical trials it is conducting. Remove the burdens and still gains the benefits! Click here to learn more.


The Transformative Impact Of AI On Rare Disease Research

IndoUSrare experts explore the global issues in rare disease research and examine how AI is poised to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of these often-overlooked conditions.

5 Key Benefits Digital Biomarkers Offer Clinical Trials

Explore five advantages that underscore the significance of digital measurement in the context of clinical trials, with a particular focus on Parkinson's disease studies.

Build Better Studies Faster: 3 Advantages Of Mobile eClinical Platforms

Embrace the digital revolution in clinical research with advanced eClinical platforms that expand reach, enhance efficiency, and streamline processes, revolutionizing your trials and work-life balance.

Essential Factors For CROs When Selecting A Technology Partner

When choosing a technology partner, CROs should consider the partner's experience in the clinical research industry, ability to meet the CRO's specific needs, commitment to quality, and more.

eCOA Licensing Guide

In this comprehensive guide, IQVIA's eCOA library and licensing specialists, Kayla Doyle and Piero Bindi, explore five essential steps for obtaining licenses for the assessments required in your clinical trial.

Managing Risk In Clinical Trials

Uncover how Risk-Based Quality Management (RBQM) strategies ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines, reduce risks to patient safety, and eliminate inefficient and costly manual processes.


Patient recruitment and retention is a multi-faceted, critical component of clinical trial success. Diversity, timeliness, enrollment, reimbursement, logistics, engagement – where do you start? On August 7th, hear from industry-leading suppliers ready to answer that question – and help solve your specific recruitment and retention challenges. The Clinical Leader Solutions Expo brings you its latest virtual event to help facilitate partnerships that bring life-saving therapies to patients. Register, ask questions, and find your best-fit solution for free.


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