Newsletter | May 15, 2024

05.15.24 -- Unleashing The Power Of ISR And IIT


Webinar: Navigating Data Complexity: Leveraging Multiple Sources for Comprehensive Insights

Many organizations struggle with the complexities of integrating and leveraging both internal and external data sources. Explore the importance of both while effectively handling the challenges that come with different data types, and learn how consolidating data into a singular source can streamline decision-making processes, enhance collaboration, and empower your teams with reliable insights to drive business success. Click here to learn more.


Some Common DCT Concerns Addressed

Here, Merissa Govender, holding the position of Global Innovation Leader at Sanofi, talks about the delegation of duties log and safety reporting within decentralized clinical trials.

Risk Mitigation In Direct-To-Patient Clinical Trials

The DTP model can help alleviate risks in patient enrollment (including diversity), retention, and adherence to study timelines and budgets. Explore how to ease trial troubles through DTP.

Move The Needle On Clinical Research

Adaptable to any trial study, this team of experienced Certified Mobile Research Nurses travels directly to your trial participants, wherever they may be — at home, work, school, care centers, and more.


How Can We Improve Clinical Trial Feasibility Processes?

Clinical Leader Live uncovers how experts work to overcome frustrations in the feasibility and site selection process for clinical trials. Hear from speakers from J&J Innovative Medicines, Takeda, and CSL Behring on ways they’ve been able to improve the feasibility assessment process. Reserve your spot today for this May 30th digital event. Registration is free thanks to the support of inSeption Group.


Unleashing The Power Of ISR And IIT

Investigator-sponsored research (ISR) and investigator-initiated trials (IIT) are essential to expanding the drugs currently available or under investigation, either alone or in combination, to address unmet medical needs.

The Relevance Of ePROs In Early Phase Clinical Trials

Examine how integrating electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePROs) in early clinical research not only enhances understanding of the drug's effects but also amplifies its market value.

Accelerating Site Activation: Examples From Novartis And IQVIA

As protocols and studies become more complex, using technology to offer sites in-depth expertise and guidance is more important than ever to launch studies on time.

Patient Engagement: Early Cancer Detection Blood Draw

Discover how we aided a pharmaceutical company in enrolling participants for a Phase III trial, DETECT-ASCEND 2, focused on Plasma-Based CancerSEEK Testing for early cancer detection.


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