CRIO, the leader in eSource technology, is an industry trailblazer transforming clinical research with the latest in cloud technology. CRIO's eSource enables remote monitoring and immediate data review with a powerfully integrated eSource/EDC solution that protects data integrity with built-in compliance across 21CFR11, ICH-GCP, GDPR, HIPAA, and other global regulations. CRIO’s eSource system allows users to enter data into a simple, interactive application, capturing data only once, at the moment of immediacy, without re-entering into EDC. Alerts, automatic calculations, and custom controls make data entry more efficient, timely and accurate - and because everything is available online, CRAs can monitor site operations remotely, and data managers can view data immediately.

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  • As the industry’s leading eSource provider, CRIO’s unique architecture enables a single point of data capture that embeds quality and transparency at the point of entry, which creates significant downstream efficiencies.

  • Explore how CRIO enables sites to obtain medical records, insurance, and more, with a click of a button.

  • CRIO eConsent is unique. It checks whether patients have executed the most recent informed consent at the outset of each visit.

  • As the leading eSource solution for sites worldwide, CRIO's unique architecture delivers a single point of data capture, eliminating the need for costly and delayed manual re-entry into EDC.

  • As the industry's leading provider of eSource to EDC integration, witness how CRIO grants complete control over clinical data by enabling remote monitoring, eliminating SDV, improving quality, and lowering costs.

  • Free yourself from the constraints of traditional EDC and take control of your clinical data. Save time, improve quality, and reduce costs with CRIO Reviewer (eSource/EDC).



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