Drawing from three decades of industry expertise, Scout empowers the life sciences with people-first solutions: Scout Meetings, Scout Clinical, and Scout Academy. Scout provides clinical industry meeting planning, clinical trial patient services, and virtual trial collaboration and education built on operational experience in 109 countries. With white-glove attention to detail and a comprehensive range of services, Scout makes the complex easier.


  • Driving The Discussion: SYNGAP1 Foundation

    Hear SYNGAP1 Foundation President, CEO & Founder Monica Weldon discuss the foundation’s work for patients with SYNGAP1 and related overlapping neurological disorders in this episode of Driving the Discussion with Scout.

  • Optimizing The Rare Disease Patient Experience

    Pam Cusick of Rare Patient Voice provides valuable insights into rare disease participant needs and ways to optimize clinical trials for enrollment and retention.

  • Case Study: Global Oncology

    Scout's transportation, expense reimbursement, and time and wage loss compensation helped an oncology study recruit and retain hard-to-reach patients.

  • Navigating Sensitive Country Requirements

    See how Scout expertly navigated complex regional laws and regulations to allow study patients in Iran access to treatment in Turkey.

  • Understanding Clinical Trial Patient Attrition

    Knowing why patients may choose to drop out of a study, such as adverse events, compliance, or external factors, can help sponsors and researchers create a strategy to keep them more engaged.

  • Understanding Rare Disease: Challenges And Opportunities

    From retention to ethical and regulatory intricacies, there are many challenges associated with rare disease research. Explore how patient experience and advocacy groups are shaping breakthroughs.

  • Driving the Discussion: Rare Disease Dad

    In this episode of Scout's Driving the Discussion webcast, Dr. Charles Steward discusses the patient experience from his unique perspective as a rare disease dad and genome scientist.

  • The (True) Patient Journey

    For clinical trial patients, the journey and its challenges begin as soon as the first appointment is set. Discover some lesser-known pain points—and how Scout helps patients navigate them.

  • Unraveling Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

    Rare disease studies in remote locations often face logistical challenges to completion. Explore the effective impact personalized patient support services can have on clinical trial success.



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