Clinical Leader Webinar

  1. Trial Transparency And Patient Centricity

    See how a dedicated clinical trials website can provide important study information to patients, caregivers, healthcare providers and researchers — as well as boost recruitment.

  2. Why Disclosure Assessments Are The First Step To Improvement

    Whether your organization lacks formal disclosure policies and procedures, or has longstanding SOPs in place, the best way to gauge the effectiveness of your clinical trial disclosure process is via a third-party assessment.

  3. Getting The Most Out Of Interactive Response Technology In Clinical Trial Supply

    This webinar highlights how through better planning and early engagement with experienced IRT specialists, you can reduce the risk, time and resources spent on your clinical trial.

  4. Optimizing eConsent For Patient Centricity

    Use of electronic consent can help improve the current paper document approach, but there is more to it than just replacing paper with a multi-media eConsent. What does it take to make eConsent patient centric?

  5. From Laboratory To Bedside: Expediting Development Of Novel Rare Cancer Treatments

    This webinar shares new insights on rare oncology drug development and examines how new processes and regulatory pathways are helping speed development of novel therapies.

  6. Driving Product Development And Finding The Fast Track In Early-Phase Oncology Programs

    This webinar highlights the many aspects a company must consider in planning and executing a trial, and how a CRO can help throughout the process.

  7. Immuno-Gene Therapeutics In Hematological Cancers: How Science Drives Study Strategy

    This webinar reviews the current state of technology in gene therapeutics and examines trends in immuno-oncology and gene therapy for hematological malignancies.

  8. Infectious Diseases In The Immunocompromised Host – A Dynamic Landscape With Challenges For Clinical Development

    In this webinar, medical experts from Medpace’s Infectious Diseases and Hematology/Oncology teams discuss infectious diseases in the immunocompromised host—with a focus on hematologic malignancies and hematopoietic cell transplantation patients—and the unique challenges for clinical development.

  9. Oncology Trial Recruitment: Challenging Indications And Challenging Studies

    In this presentation, Medpace medical and operational experts discuss the trial design challenges for specific oncology populations and how to overcome them.

  10. Special Considerations For Managing Immuno-oncology Studies

    Lyon Gleich MD, and Jennifer L. Cutter PhD, engage in an interactive discussion on the topic of immuno-oncology and the unique challenges and considerations for managing clinical research.