Clinical Leader Webinar

  1. Reducing Placebo Response & Measurement Error In Clinical Trials

    In this on-demand webcast, WCG experts Dr. Nathaniel Katz and Dr. Mark Opler illustrate why human error—including inaccurate symptom reporting—is driving placebo response and how proven, evidence-based interventions can be used to increase the overall chance of trial success. Hear their perspectives.

  2. 8 Ways To Supercharge Your Clinical Trial Website

    Educating and engaging patients and caregivers via a clinical trial website helps boost study recruitment and retention. Learn how personalization, SEO, targeted ads, site optimization techniques and interactive tools can attract more qualified visitors.

  3. The State Of Unifying Clinical Systems, Processes, and Stakeholder Collaboration

    In one of the largest-ever surveys of clinical operations professionals, sponsors and CROs reveal their need to streamline execution for faster trials. Watch this webinar to explore new findings from the Veeva 2019 Unified Clinical Operations Survey.

  4. Top 3 Challenges Of Legacy Clinical Trial Management Systems

    Legacy clinical trial management systems aren’t built for today’s complex trials. Here are the top three challenges faced by sponsors and CROs when using a legacy CTMS.

  5. 4 Key Benefits Of A Modern Clinical Trial Management System

    Learn how a modern, cloud-based CTMS helps sponsors and CROs to speed trial execution, improve decision making, and streamline clinical operations.

  6. Accelerating The Path Towards A Modern CTMS

    Making the transition to a modern CTMS may seem like a major undertaking, but it may not be as difficult as you anticipate. Learn how today’s technologies make data migration, integration, and implementation easier.

  7. Trends Driving Complexity In Clinical Trials

    Discover the trends driving cost and complexity in clinical trials and the need for modern clinical applications.

  8. Speed Clinical Trials With These 6 CTMS Software Capabilities

    A modern clinical trial management system (CMTS) acts as a command center providing a consistent and global view for all operational data related to study planning, management, and reporting. Watch this excerpt from Veevo’s webinar to learn what sponsors and CROs should look for these six CTMS capabilities to speed clinical trials from start to close.

  9. Steps To Overcome Information Overload In Clinical Research

    Discover new strategies to reduce information overload and simplify how sites, sponsors, and CROs work together throughout the clinical trial process.

  10. Speed Clinical Trial From Start To Close

    The pressing need for greater efficiency, faster study execution, and reduced costs in clinical studies strengthens the case for change. Learn how to achieve these objectives with a modern, cloud-based approach to clinical trial management systems.