Clinical Leader Webinar

  1. 4 Considerations When Selecting An EDC

    During this webinar, we will examine multiple strategies that make the procedure of finding a better electronic data capture solution less frustrating and more beneficial to your organization.

  2. What Paper Informed Consent Isn’t Offering You… And Why Top Pharma Is Turning to eConsent

    Why Top Pharma is turning to Electronic Informed Consent (eConsent) to exceed in these areas.

  3. The World’s Best eCOA Body Map: How Patients Improved Symptom Location Reporting

    The burden of ineffective and inefficient body maps creates risks that can impact data quality. We knew we could come up with something much better - for all stakeholders.

  4. Eliminating the Three Evil E's in Study Startup

    A paradigm shift is needed in order to eliminate the three evil "e's" — email, Excel, and e-meetings — long associated with starting clinical trials, with the potential to ultimately reduce timelines and improve data quality. The webinar with focus on addressing the inefficiencies associated with the three evil "e's".

  5. Social Media In Clinical Trials: Mitigate The Risks, Maximize the Benefits

    Does social media have a place in clinical research? The answer is increasingly "yes!" – but with caveats. Watch now to learn more.

  6. Why Are Metrics Important In Starting Clinical Trials?

    The webinar will focus on these issues and the competitive edge metrics provide those organizations engaged in conducting clinical trials.

  7. Are Delays In Clinical Trials Due To A Lack Of Experienced CRAs?

    The webinar will focus on these issues and bottlenecks that contribute to delays that are outside of the CRA control.

  8. Developing Innovative Approaches To Postmarketing Safety Data Collection In Pregnant Women

    Generating real-world evidence is essential to uncovering the potential effects a product may have on pregnancy outcomes, particularly for women of childbearing age who require chronic therapy for diabetes, depression, epilepsy, asthma and more.

  9. A Crawl, Walk, Run Strategy Towards Virtual Trials With Craig Lipset

    Join Craig Lipset, MBA Head of Clinical Innovation, R&D for Pfizer, Inc, and Brad Pruit, Executive Director, Chief Medical Officer of Parallel6 for what will be an informative and engaging webinar on how you can implement a crawl, walk, run strategy for virtual trials. We will also cover strategies to ease into the virtual trial world, how an enterprise platform can enable a two arm study, and ways you can collapse recruiting timelines through a known database.

  10. How To Run A Large Registry Clinical Study At A Fraction Of The Cost

    Join Don Jones, global expert on wireless technologies and mobility, and David Turner, President & CTO, Founder of Parallel 6 for what will be an informative and engaging webinar on how technology can enable you to run a large registry study for half the cost. We will cover how a scalable platform enables BYOD, as well as strategies to engage your patients over multiple years, and recruiting fast and furious.