Clinical Leader Webinar

  1. How To Run A Large Registry Clinical Study At A Fraction Of The Cost

    Join Don Jones, global expert on wireless technologies and mobility, and David Turner, President & CTO, Founder of Parallel 6 for what will be an informative and engaging webinar on how technology can enable you to run a large registry study for half the cost. We will cover how a scalable platform enables BYOD, as well as strategies to engage your patients over multiple years, and recruiting fast and furious.

  2. Using Eclinical Systems To Speed Up Clinical Trials

    Fully optimizing the clinical trials process requires practices and tools that streamline operations, automate processes, increase visibility and improve collaboration with sponsors, CROs, sites, regulators and review boards. The entire clinical ecosystem needs an overhaul and today pharmaceutical companies have access to a variety of cloud-based technologies that can radically improve the clinical trials process — but which tool to use and when? The webinar will focus on study startup as it relates to the overall picture of clinical study management and the opportunities and challenges associated with implementations in the eClinical stack.

  3. How Cold Chain Planning Impacts Development And Commercialization Of Regenerative Therapies

    New therapeutic products require new technologies, capabilities, resources and a thorough understanding of how temperature impacts preclinical and clinical studies and commercialization of regenerative medicines.

  4. A Real World Look At Leveraging Disruptive mHealth Technologies Increasing The Speed Of Research

    Learn how a current clinical study is leveraging disruptive mHealth technologies to ensure that collecting study data is accurate, seamless, and convenient.

  5. The last major frontier in automating clinical operations: Study Startup

    There has been a strong focus on study conduct, but as stakeholders are increasingly aware that better SSU processes are linked to shorter clinical timelines, the emphasis is shifting in that direction.

  6. Driving Informed Decisions In Site Selection: It's A Two-way Street

    The webinar will focus on study startup and discuss site selection practices from both the site and the Sponsor/CRO perspective.

  7. Innovations In E-Consent: Reducing Regulatory Risk While Improving Participant Comprehension

    Informed consent has a major impact on regulatory compliance, enrollment rates and expenses across the life of your study. Yet the traditional paper-based process has transformed informed consent into one of the most cited deficiencies.

  8. The Role of Transparency in CRO-Sponsor Partnerships: Enabling Better Collaboration Models

    This webinar will address common collaboration obstacles from both the CRO perspective and the sponsor perspective with a focus on increasing the value of strategic partnerships.

  9. eCOA Essentials: 1 Hour To Higher Quality Data

    The industry's shift from paper to electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA) in clinical trials is happening at dizzying speeds.

  10. Innovative Mobile Technologies For Clinical Trials And CRA Monitoring

    Learn about mobile innovation for virtual, hybrid, and site-based clinical trials using the Clinical Reach™ mClinical™ platform for patient enrollment, engagement, and management on a global scale. Followed by an in-depth Q&A session and Parallel 6 Chief Medical Officer, Brad Pruitt, M.D., MBA, who demonstrates the newly released mobile data monitoring solution which is designed to empower clinical research associates (CRAs).