Clinical Leader Webinar

  1. Linking Study Quality To Leading Practices For Proactive Planning

    How building in quality can lead to transformational process changes.

  2. Moving Beyond Regulatory And Performance Metrics In Starting Clinical Trials

    How sponsors/CROs are looking for ways to incorporate BI into the eClinical systems they are using to empower oversight - turning raw trail data into actionable information.

  3. Disrupting Clinical Operations With CRO Strategic Partnerships

    Clinical Trials, the costliest stage in drug development, have much to benefit from leveraging the cloud to collaborate with partners and share views of key data trends and process metrics.

  4. Is Automation Of Clinical Trials The Panacea The Industry So Desperately Needs?

    Is the availability of more advanced, integrated cloud-based platforms the panacea the industry so desperately needs to tackle the stagnation of clinical trial performance or is automation the precursive step towards more significant improvements in study execution?

  5. Moving The Needle Forward On MS Research

    Discover insights from the experts at a clinical stage pharmaceutical company developing a new approach to the treatment of autoimmune diseases, about the first clinical efficacy study of GNbAC1, a promising new approach for the treatment of MS.

  6. Protein Therapeutics By Immunoaffinity LC-MS: Latest Trends And Recommendations

    Learn about the application of immunoaffinity LC-MS to regulated bioanalysis of biotherapeutics.

  7. Keeping Your Clinical Trials In Your Hands

    This webinar explores how the right EDC system empowers you to conduct your research on your own terms - without relying on the schedule and workflow of external parties.

  8. Addressing Acceptable Recruitment Methods For Clinical Trial Sponsors And Sites

    Patient engagement solutions to expedite study recruitment.

  9. Outsourcing To CROs: Grand Experiment Or Logical Success?
  10. How eConsent Optimizes Research For Sponsors And CROs

    Discover how the right eConsent tool will pay dividends by delivering real-world efficiency and improved compliance.