Clinical Leader Webinar

  1. What To Do With Suspected Compliance Issues At A Clinical Study Site

    This webinar includes tips to help quality, project management, clinical, and site personnel manage conflicts as well as a review of the applicable regulations and reporting requirements.

  2. Informing the Investigator: Implementing an Automated SUSAR System

    In this webinar, the challenge of the prompt reporting of a low or high number of SUSARs to Investigators in global and large-scale clinical trials will be addressed.

  3. Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD): Risks And Clinical Development Implications

    In this webinar, Dr. Arun Sanyal will discuss risk factors for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) disease progression and the implications in clinical development.

  4. The Diabetic Heart: A Focus On Heart Failure

    In this webinar we will first provide a high level review of the medical underpinnings of the diabetic heart particularly as it relates to heart failure. Understanding the structural, metabolic and functional associations of T2D will help us to better understand how some molecular classes could lead to benefits in CV outcomes while others may be detrimental.

  5. The Biosimilars Landscape: Key Pieces Of The Puzzle For Clinical Success

    As biosimilars to treat rheumatic diseases begin get approval from the FDA, biosimilar development remains a hot topic in drug development. Sponsors estimate a 35% growth of biosimilars in their development pipelines by 2020, but face a wide variety of regional and global markets along with shifting guidelines and recommendations, stressing the need to understand this rapidly changing landscape. What is the real potential for clinical and health-economic benefits offered by these agents? 

  6. 4 Considerations When Selecting An EDC

    During this webinar, we will examine multiple strategies that make the procedure of finding a better electronic data capture solution less frustrating and more beneficial to your organization.

  7. Visibility and Oversight: What Paper Informed Consent Isn’t Offering You (Featuring Guest Speaker, Chesapeake IRB)

    Chesapeake IRB and CRF Health team up for a collaborative webinar to discuss informed consent oversight and visibility and why Top Pharma is turning to Electronic Informed Consent (eConsent) to exceed in these areas.

  8. The World’s Best eCOA Body Map: How Patients Improved Symptom Location Reporting

    The burden of ineffective and inefficient body maps creates risks that can impact data quality. We knew we could come up with something much better - for all stakeholders.

  9. Eliminating the Three Evil E's in Study Startup

    A paradigm shift is needed in order to eliminate the three evil "e's" — email, Excel, and e-meetings — long associated with starting clinical trials, with the potential to ultimately reduce timelines and improve data quality. The webinar with focus on addressing the inefficiencies associated with the three evil "e's".

  10. Social Media In Clinical Trials: Mitigate The Risks, Maximize the Benefits

    Does social media have a place in clinical research? The answer is increasingly "yes!" – but with caveats. Watch now to learn more.