Clinical Technologies Webinars

  1. Webinar: The Benefits Of EDC-eSource Integration

    Get insight into why the best way to reduce costs and timelines through eSource direct data capture is with a solution that comes integrated with your central EDC. You’ll get key info for understanding eSource and how best to approach vendor selection.

  2. eConsent: The Good, The Bad, And The Regulatory

    The clinical trial informed consent process is in dire need of optimization. High patient attrition rates indicate that we’re not doing enough to ensure patients truly understand the nature of their participation in clinical trials. We can do better. This webinar explains how organizations are using eConsent to enhance patient engagement, discusses regulatory considerations around eConsent, and more.

  3. Learn How ClinCard And ConneX Can Be Used For Your Next Clinical Trial

    Sponsors, CROs and sites around the world partner with Greenphire to enable a secure and compliant electronic payment technology that makes their lives easier and removes the barriers to successful recruitment and retention. Watch this video to see how it works!

  4. eCOA Translations And Cultural Adaptation: Best Practices And Efficiencies

    While translation and cultural adaptation are time-intensive and require domain expertise, there are emerging best practices that not only save time, but also eliminate unnecessary work and reduce risk of error and timeline delays. his webinar will discuss the process of translation and cultural adaptation to support eCOA implementation on a global scale.

  5. Demystifying IRT Terminology Webinar

    “Configurable” and “customizable” are two commonly-used descriptors for interactive response technology systems that support clinical trials. Interpretations of these terms can vary widely. This webinar discusses definitions and system functionality in the context of configurable and customizable and includes systems development life cycle (SDLC) methodologies, the impact on timelines and cost and common applications in interactive response technology system designs.

  6. Protecting The Integrity Of Your Temperature Data In A Digital World

    Watch Almac’s on-demand webinar to gain an understanding of data integrity regulations and key considerations when utilizing a computerized system to manage temperature data during clinical trials.  This webinar will demonstrate how a secure, validated system is key in ensuring effective collection and management of accurate temperature data from the entire clinical supply chain.  

  7. Taking The Fear Out Of Software Implementation

    Software implementation does not have to be a scary proposition. In this video, implementation experts – with a 100% success rate – discusses what works and why.

  8. Ready for eSource? Preparing For The Future Of Clinical Research

    Enhancing your data entry and monitoring and, as a result, strengthen your competitive edge. With eSource poised to become the next standard in clinical trial technology, the time is now to prepare for a new era in our industry.

  9. How Linear Clinical Research Accelerated Trials Timelines And Improved Global Collaboration With eSource

    Explore the ways Medrio eSource has enabled Phase 1 clinical research unit improve global collaboration and accelerate trial timelines.

  10. Detecting, Handling, And Reporting Data Falsification, Misconduct, And/Or Suspected Fraud

    Whether indications of fraud appear as missing documentation, altered numbers, signatures that don’t match, or unavailable medical records Clinical research associates (CRAs) must be aware of the many signs of possible fraud or fabricated data occurring at a clinical trial site. This webinar explains the signs to look for and the proper protocol to handle and report the misconduct during each monitoring visit.