Clinical Technologies Webinars

  1. eCOA, Patient Centricity And The Path To More Accurate Data

    Adopting a patient-centric focus in your trial is known to lead to more engaged patients and higher quality, more accurate clinical data. 

  2. Optimizing eConsent For Patient Centricity

    Use of electronic consent can help improve the current paper document approach, but there is more to it than just replacing paper with a multi-media eConsent. What does it take to make eConsent patient centric?

  3. What Happens After Your Device Is Approved? Collecting Data In The Real World

    In this presentation, Medpace Medical Device experts discuss key considerations for generating real-world evidence and how to apply critical insights in order to drive late-stage clinical research.

  4. Beware The Hidden Costs Of Conducting Clinical Trials: Understanding The Landmines And How To Avoid Them

    In this webinar, we explore four areas that can dramatically affect the cost and timelines of your clinical program and offer insight into elimination and control of these hidden landmines.

  5. Decisions For Your Next Trial: When To Adopt The CDISC Data Standard

    Trial sponsors must carefully plan their data consolidation and analysis strategies not only in preparation for CDISC-compliant submissions, but to respond to market influences and evolving clinical partnership models.

  6. How To Boost Disclosure Efficiencies With Outsourcing

    In this webinar, you’ll hear about exciting new advisory and managed disclosure services from TrialScope, including: compliance, policy and process assessments, as well as plain-language summaries, protocol registration, results posting, and redaction services.

  7. Making eCOA Accessible For All Populations

    Jery Grupp, Director Client Relations at CRF Health, discusses why eCOA is preferred by sponsors due to its unique features. 

  8. eCOA And Older Users

    Katie Garner, Advisor for Therapeutic Areas at CRF Health, discusses how they handle sponsors concerns regarding if older users are capable of using eCOA.

  9. Is Automation Of Clinical Trials The Panacea The Industry So Desperately Needs?

    Is the availability of more advanced, integrated cloud-based platforms the panacea the industry so desperately needs to tackle the stagnation of clinical trial performance or is automation the precursive step towards more significant improvements in study execution?

  10. Keeping Your Clinical Trials In Your Hands

    This webinar explores how the right EDC system empowers you to conduct your research on your own terms - without relying on the schedule and workflow of external parties.