Clinical Technologies Webinars

  1. Tips For Implementing An eConsent Solution

    eConsent is the next technology to be adopted by clinical study teams, but many simply don't know where to begin when taking the next step.  In this video, Sandra "SAM" Sather, gives her tips for implementing an eConsent solution.

  2. Avoid Missing Critical Safety Signals In Your Trials Video

    Protect the safety of trials subjects and give medical monitors the ability to increase the quality and speed of their work with this solution.

  3. eConsent: A Look Back At 2017 & Predictions For 2018

    Mika Lindroos, Director of Product Management, and Jackie Brusch, Content Marketing Manager, discuss the progression of eConsent in 2017 and share predictions about the state of eConsent in 2018.

  4. 5 Best Practices For Using Connected Devices In Clinical Trials

    In this on-demand webinar, health information technology subject matter expert, Rick Strobridge, provides his insights about best practices for using and implementing connected devices in healthcare and clinical research.

  5. Electronic Informed Consent - 2017 Industry Survey Results from Clinical Sites

    Whether your organization is just starting to consider eConsent or looking to expand adoption, these survey findings will provide valuable insight and context into the perspectives of site staff.

  6. How Does eCOA Help Retain Subjects?

    Watch this short video to hear subject matter expert, Jery Grupp, reveal how sites can better retain their subjects and keep them more compliant with electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA).

  7. Predict And Act On Site Risks With Data-Driven Insights

    This webcast discusses how central monitors can leverage guided visual analytics to find and act on the right site issues quickly without sifting through mounds of operational and site data.

  8. Uncover Pharmacovigilance Insights With Data Discovery And Active Surveillance

    This webcast discusses how drug safety teams can use dynamic visual analytics to uncover safety issues earlier. All the while, complying with extremely complex and ever-evolving regulatory requirements.

  9. Propel Medical Review With Guided Analytics

    This webcast discusses how medical monitors can leverage guided visual analytics to find and act on the right issues quickly without sifting through mounds of clinical data.

  10. How To Select The Most Effective eCOA Modality For Your Study

    Understand the benefits and challenges of each modality used in clinical trials today, items to consider when choosing an eCOA modality, as well as tips for successful eCOA modality selection.