Clinical Technologies Webinars

  1. Predict And Act On Site Risks With Data-Driven Insights

    This webcast discusses how central monitors can leverage guided visual analytics to find and act on the right site issues quickly without sifting through mounds of operational and site data.

  2. Uncover Pharmacovigilance Insights With Data Discovery And Active Surveillance

    This webcast discusses how drug safety teams can use dynamic visual analytics to uncover safety issues earlier. All the while, complying with extremely complex and ever-evolving regulatory requirements.

  3. Propel Medical Review With Guided Analytics

    This webcast discusses how medical monitors can leverage guided visual analytics to find and act on the right issues quickly without sifting through mounds of clinical data.

  4. How To Select The Most Effective eCOA Modality For Your Study

    Understand the benefits and challenges of each modality used in clinical trials today, items to consider when choosing an eCOA modality, as well as tips for successful eCOA modality selection.

  5. Translations and eConsent

    In this new eConsent video, industry expert, Sandra "SAM" Sather, explains how the localization process is easier to implement in an electronic informed consent (eConsent), and what study teams should consider as they design their eConsent solution.

  6. 3 Protocol Considerations That Drive eCOA Design

    There are various key parts of the protocol that need focus when designing an eCOA solution. In this video, industry expert, Dr. Jill Platko, discusses 3 areas that every study should consider before designing an eCOA solution.

  7. Preparing For Clinical Trial Success

    This video discusses the practical steps sponsors can take to ensure eCOA data capture success.

  8. Leveraging eCOA Advancements

    With recent technological advancements, eCOA has become a valuable tool that helps sponsors gain greater insight into patient experiences during clinical development.

  9. Overcoming The Limitations Of Paper Diaries In Clinical Trials

    Some trial sponsors still rely on outdated paper diaries for important data capture in clinical trials. Understand the differences between paper and electronic COA data capture.

  10. Preparing For Changing Trial Oversight Needs

    As clinical trials become more complex, trial sponsors need more robust approaches to trial management and oversight in order to stay competitive.