Clinical Technologies Webinars

  1. Overcoming The Limitations Of Paper Diaries In Clinical Trials

    Some trial sponsors still rely on outdated paper diaries for important data capture in clinical trials. Understand the differences between paper and electronic COA data capture.

  2. Preparing For Changing Trial Oversight Needs

    As clinical trials become more complex, trial sponsors need more robust approaches to trial management and oversight in order to stay competitive.

  3. Pushing Beyond The Status Quo In Trial Oversight

    Review the differences between traditional CTMS and advanced trial oversight solutions.

  4. Overcoming Current Clinical Trial Management Challenges

    Clinical trial sponsors face many challenges in clinical trials – including how to mitigate risks that could cause delays and increase trial costs.

  5. Preparing For The Future Of Clinical Trial Imaging

    With a push for more clinical trial imaging and the use of new technologies in imaging, what does the future hold?

  6. Improving Imaging Quality And Compliance

    How technology-based imaging improves quality and regulatory compliance, and how these improvements benefit sponsors.

  7. Overcoming Imaging Challenges Through Technology

    This video addresses how does technology change clinical trial imaging and where does it fit into the traditional clinical trial imaging process.

  8. Meeting The Growing Need For Clinical Trial Imaging

    Understand why pharmaceutical developers are increasingly asked by regulators to include imaging analysis when evaluating clinical trial data.

  9. Why Are Metrics Important In Starting Clinical Trials?

    The webinar will focus on these issues and the competitive edge metrics provide those organizations engaged in conducting clinical trials.

  10. Bring Your Own Device: Evidence of Applicability

    In this 2017 eCOA Forum video session, Dr. Bill Byrom, Senior Director of Product Innovation at ICON, uses case studies to present patient attitudes towards BYOD, technical challenges encountered and measurement equivalence considerations.