Clinical Technologies Webinars

  1. Meeting The Growing Need For Clinical Trial Imaging

    Understand why pharmaceutical developers are increasingly asked by regulators to include imaging analysis when evaluating clinical trial data.

  2. Current And Future State Of Clinical Trials

    In this brief interview, ERT’s President and CEO Jim Corrigan discusses the risks associated with clinical trials, clearing the hurdle of paper in clinical research, the most promising and exciting advancements in the eclinical space, where the eclinical space will be five years from now, and the new era of collaboration.

  3. TrialConsent - An Informed Consent Solution For Clinical Trials

    Informed consent is the essential start to your complex and often lengthy clinical trial. However, the process goes far beyond obtaining a signature from your participants.

    In this 3 minute video, learn about TrialConsentTM, CRF Health's intuitive electronic platform for designing, collecting and managing the specific needs of your informed consent process.  


  4. Can Seniors Use Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA)?

    Is using eCOA as simple as using an ATM machine? In this two-minute video, eCOA subject matter expert and Senior Scientific Advisor, Dr. Jill Platko, addresses how to design an eCOA solution for senior populations. What needs to be considered? Is it different from designing for other populations?

  5. Can Seniors Use eConsent?

    A common myth about electronic informed consent (eConsent) is that senior populations will have trouble using it. CRF Health research proves just the opposite -- in fact, seniors were more likely to adopt and use electronic over paper due to its numerous benefits.

  6. Electronic Informed Consent: 2017 Industry Survey

    Presenters: Naor Chazan, Director of Marketing (but no longer with the company, FYI) and Sandra “SAM” Sather, Quality and Regulatory, TrialConsent) CRF Health's State of eConsent 2017 Report surveyed 100 biotech, pharmaceutical, CRO, and IRB organizations who shared their opinions on Electronic Informed Consent (eConsent). During this webinar, industry expert, Sandra "Sam" Sather, Regulatory and Quality Lead for TrialConsentTM at CRF Health, discusses the results.

  7. eCOA Value: Cost Savings And Beyond

    What if electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA) offered advanced functionalities AND it was a less expensive option than paper COA?

  8. 4 Considerations When Selecting An EDC

    During this webinar, we will examine multiple strategies that make the procedure of finding a better electronic data capture solution less frustrating and more beneficial to your organization.

  9. Social Media In Clinical Trials: Mitigate The Risks, Maximize the Benefits

    Does social media have a place in clinical research? The answer is increasingly "yes!" – but with caveats. Watch now to learn more.

  10. How eConsent Improves Consent Development

    Developing informed consent content requires a lot of back and forth communication between multiple stakeholders - an inefficient, slow process with a history of allowing unapproved or out-of-date consents to be accidentally deployed to sites. Electronic Informed Consent (eConsent) offers a streamlined, collaborative process that promotes faster content development, approval and deployment on one platform, guaranteeing that only the most current and approved consent version is used each time.