Clinical Technologies Webinars

  1. The Clinical Research Industry Reflects On eClinical Software

    In this video, customers from across the clinical research industry reflect on their experience with Medrio’s software. Highlights include the software’s user-friendly functionality, quick study build, and affordability.

  2. 3 Ways Electronic Informed Consent Benefits Trial Participants

    Thinking about electronic informed consent? In this short video, industry expert Sandra "Sam" Sather discusses the three key benefits of adopting eConsent in your clinical trial.

  3. The Importance of eCOA User Experience Design

    When it comes to user experience design, we’re thinking about our patients and the different symptoms that they might be suffering. The UX design aims to ensure that the needs of both the patients and the clinical trials are covered with the functional and visual design of the eCOA solutions.

  4. eCOA Data Quality - Site And Patient Perspectives

    Adopting a patient-centric focus in your trial is known to lead to more engaged patients and higher quality, more accurate clinical data. In this short, 3-minute video we explore how electronic Clinical Outcomes Assessment (eCOA) technology is revolutionizing the clinical trial experience for patients and sites - helping sponsors to easily overcome the toughest challenges of paper-based data collection.

  5. eCOA Impact On Data Quality

    The success of your clinical trial is contingent on the quality of the data you collect. In this short video, members of CRF Health's Data Management and Quality Assurance teams discuss the regulatory needs of clinical data and specific ways in which eCOA promotes the capture of higher quality data compared to traditional paper instruments.

  6. eCOA And Equivalence Testing: New Evidence From Meta-Analysis

    The evaluation of the compatibility between scores from an electronic version of a paper-based questionnaire, better known as equivalence testing, is usually taken as a requirement for ensuring that data from electronic versions of patient reported outcomes does not vary from that captured on paper. This webinar discusses the results of a recently published meta-analysis which examined all published equivalence tests from 2007 to 2013. This webinar discusses equivalence testing, how the current meta-analysis run, and what the results mean in context of the field of eCOA.

  7. Taking ePRO To New Places

    Chris Tyers of ICON plc shares his views regarding the Patient Cloud, Medidata's solution for patient-reported outcomes that takes ePRO to new places.

  8. Preclarus™ Video

    As a global leader in clinical development, PPD brings you real-time access to study data and the transparent reporting capabilities needed to make critical go, no-go decisions through Preclarus™.

  9. Accelerate Your Study Initiation With CFS Startup InSite™

    Get your trials up and running faster and your products to market more quickly. Learn how Startup InSite™ technology and the CFS Clinical Contract and Regulatory Services team speeds up the process.