Industry Insights

  1. eCOA Resources Overview

    Access to electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA) resources from the past twelve months.

  2. Healthcare, Clinical Research, And The Cloud: Where Are We Headed?

    What is the cloud bringing to these businesses, and how does the clinical research industry figure into this trend?

  3. Insights Into Medical Device Regulations From MAGI 2017 West

    Regulatory experts outline some of the regulatory changes on the horizon for the medical device industry.

  4. Challenges, Change, And The Future Of eTMF

    The TransPerfect Life Sciences Trial Interactive team was excited to attend the 2017 TMF Summit in London this October, where discussions on the movement from paper to eTMF continued to be a focus.  

  5. Four Questions For Aspiring EDC Experts

    What clinical researchers should consider as they start to make the essential pivot toward electronic data capture.

  6. What’s Behind The Industry’s Persistent Study Build Delays?

    Understanding the integration challenges and technical demands of implementing electronic data capture (EDC) solutions.

  7. The Data Driven Reality Of Clinical Trials

    Understand how Metrics provide the foundation for business intelligence for clinical trials, measuring success or failure.

  8. CRF Health Celebrates American Diabetes Month

    Learn more about how you can control diabetes, and give patients the opportunity to take back their life and enjoy what makes them happy.

  9. A New Paradigm For RTSM Customer Support

    We’ve all had experience calling customer support, whether it’s for your cable, cell service or health insurance. How many times have you punched zero trying to by-pass the automated scripts just to get to a real live human being? You finally hear a voice (hallelujah!) and you realize very quickly that person cannot answer your question and transfers you to another line (or worse gives you another number to call). 

  10. Let The Molecule Decide

    Formulation techniques and technologies can easily become more habit than science, but a single technology does not work for all compounds. Each new drug is unique and deserves a fresh approach to formulation.