Industry Insights

  1. 2 Steps For Correcting Non-Compliance With EU Disclosure Regulations

    To address non-compliance and improve the ratio of completed trials with results, we recommend the following two-step process to take control of your compliance.

  2. How To Accelerate Trial Enrollment: What Works And What Doesn’t

    As you evaluate clinical trial enrollment acceleration strategies, be sure to understand the root causes of slow enrollment and the reasons why traditional acceleration programs do not work. 

  3. Maximizing Efficiencies In Site Enrollment II - Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements

    Five common CDA pain points that can make a simple sounding agreement so challenging for clinical teams.

  4. Message To ClinOps Leaders: The Organizational Planning Textbook Wasn’t Written For This!

    Five considerations to help organizations make better planning and forecasting decisions in an environment with such strict parameters.

  5. The Treacherous Study Startup Journey

    With spiraling costs and increasing stakeholder demands, it’s critical that studies get off to the right start.

  6. Disassembling Endemic Silos In Pharma Pivotal To Improving The Clinical Trial Continuum

    Workflow-based technology coupled with executive authoritative power encourages process optimization in the clinical trial continuum, helping to break down silos, enhance operational performance and ensure quality in the electronic trial master file.

  7. Proactive Planning Is Key To Process And Quality Improvements In Clinical Trials

    How to employ processes that take an upfront approach to preventing or mitigating problems associated with document completion.

  8. Changes to WHODrug Are Coming – Will You Be Ready?

    Why you should prepare now even with nearly a year remaining.

  9. Mobile eTMF: The Pain Of Yesterday.The Relief Of Today.

    Since the launch of myTI—TransPerfect’s mobile experience for the Trial Interactive eTMF—I have heard rave reviews from clinical operations leaders and CRAs. The advantages of mobile technology for clinical operations are generating a lot of excitement, and rightfully so. In my collaboration with study teams during the development, release, and ongoing evolution of myTI, we encountered many thematic pain points that were ripe for a mobile solution.

  10. Pediatric Clinical Trials: The Need for Regulation

    An overview of the progress that has been made in pediatric drug development.