Industry Insights

  1. The Recipe For A Perfect eTMF

    Six steps to choosing an eTMF for your clinical studies.

  2. How And Why To Standardize Medical Coding In Clinical Trials

    There are few things more inefficient than a coding specialist manually coding hundreds or thousands of verbatim data entries that have multiple names and spellings for what could have been one standardized term. After searching through all those terms, your specialist then has to code each entry to match the desired term.

  3. Planning For Efficient Clean Data Review And Monitoring

    When conducting clinical research, the goal is always to achieve the cleanest data possible. If your data is based on undesirable collection methods, messy data entry, or untrustworthy statistical analysis, you are likely to leave many questions unanswered. And vague results won't cut it with the FDA’s rigorous data standards.

  4. How An Electronic CRF Library Streamlines Your Clinical Study Process

    Standardization of data collection is happening everywhere you look. For example, when you visit the DMV and apply for a driver’s license, you know the employee didn’t create that form from scratch.

  5. TMF Summit 2018: Achieving Real-Time Agility

    An overview of important eTMF knowledge and insights that were shared at the 2018 TMF Summit.

  6. Hey, Clinical Trial Study Teams - Let’s Go eTMF Mobile

    A tailored mobile experience tailored could streamline and simplify the clinical trial process using our own personal mobile devices to get documents quickly and safely into the TMF in real time while the CRAs are at the investigative site.

  7. What’s The Right Way To Think About Clinical Research In Europe?

    Europe needs to step up the embrace of technology, from AI to mHealth to modern eClinical software, to bring about efficiencies that mitigate some of the costs chasing clinical trials away.

  8. Embrace New Technologies in Trial Design to Reduce Risk and Save Costs

    Four ways to successfully guide and reshape clinical trials to meet the needs of our ever changing social, economic and regulatory climate.

  9. Molasses in Study Startup Efficiencies

    Overview of a recent study conducted to try to determine why there is so much variation and why there are so many inefficiencies and delays in study startup.

  10. King Arthur’s Excalibur in ICH E6 (r2)

    What is the medical monitor's role in the latest ICH E6 (r2) guidance and how to get them to adopt technology that will help them experience tangible efficiency and quality gains.