Insights On Trial Design

  1. Avoid Enrollment Pitfalls: Find Your Best-fit Clinical Trial Sites

    Five characteristics to look for when finding the best-fit site for your study.

  2. Trends In Oncology Trial Terminations Due To Toxicity

    Are studies focusing on elderly cancer patients at increased risk for discontinuation due to safety reasons, such as toxicity?

  3. Latin America: An Untapped Clinical Trials Resource

    Understand the benefits and challenges of conducting studies in Latin America in addition to some recent changes that could expedite regulatory timelines.

  4. Why Choose a Site Network for Your Clinical Trials?

    How global site networks can effectively address timeline, budget and data quality concerns, by providing access to multiple experienced sites within a single network, providing cost savings through reduction of the total number of sites used and recruitment of a large volume of patients.

  5. Implementing Patient-Centric Principles in Asthma Research

    Change the perception of clinical trials by making them less burdensome for patients overall.

  6. Molasses in Study Startup Efficiencies

    Overview of a recent study conducted to try to determine why there is so much variation and why there are so many inefficiencies and delays in study startup.

  7. King Arthur’s Excalibur in ICH E6 (r2)

    What is the medical monitor's role in the latest ICH E6 (r2) guidance and how to get them to adopt technology that will help them experience tangible efficiency and quality gains.

  8. The Importance of Proactive Clinical Returns Planning

    Help sponsors design a more holistic strategy to their managing the clinical supply returns process.

  9. Strategies for Efficient Clinical Supply Management and Forecasting

    Engaging clinical supply management and forecasting adds value by evaluating different response strategies and contingency plans and can identify supply solutions that minimize or even potentially avoid supply chain disruptions.

  10. Avoiding Delays In Clinical Supply

    How sponsors can work effectively with clinical suppliers for accurate forecasting and comparator sourcing to avoid delays in clinical supply.