White Papers

  1. Choosing The Right Solution: Improving the Clinical Trial Site Feasibility Process

    What are the things that high-performing clinical research sites do that make sponsors return to them again and again?

  2. Five Essential Considerations for Efficient Clinical Trial Site Contracts and Payments

    Insights on how to avoid startup delays, issues executing the clinical trial, or problems with making payments to sites.

  3. Meeting the Challenge of Appropriate Safety Report Distribution During Clinical Trials

    How to bring efficiency back to the  review process and to ensure that investigators are spending their time where it matters most, with the study participants.

  4. Six Practices Of High Performing Clinical Research Sites

    Six things that high-performing clinical research sites do that make sponsors return to them again and again.

  5. The Role Of Observational Research & Patient Registries In Evidence Generation

    Increasingly central in the course of drug development is the inclusion of observational studies, including registries, which provide insights missing from traditional interventional studies.

  6. Pharmacy Services In A Phase I Clinical Research Unit

    This white paper discusses the role of the pharmacy in a modern day Phase I clinical research unit and its role in understanding the safety and pharmacology of a drug before Phase II can begin.

  7. Factors Driving Patient Adherence To Drug Therapy

    In the first annual Patient Adherence Influence Report, Adheris Health and inVentiv Health Consulting set out to understand the most influential factors driving patient adherence or non-adherence and to answer the question: Will the patient cross the finish line at the retail pharmacy, or will he or she walk away?

  8. Speed Up Study Start-Up With IWRS Best Practices

    This white paper represents a compilation of industry best practices for designing, implementing and leveraging randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) software in clinical trials.

  9. Optimizing Rare Disease Outcomes Through eCOA Technology And Training

    Read how utilizing electronic data capture systems ─ including eCOA ─ and training site raters, subjects and caregivers are important tools to ensure high quality data capture in rare disease research.

  10. The Impact Of Rater Training On Clinical Outcomes Assessment Data

    Review the need for rater training in clinical trials and review publications that report data on rater characteristics, training modalities and outcomes in terms of accuracy and reliability of clinical outcomes data.