White Papers

  1. Modern Technologies In Clinical Trials

    Trial designs are becoming more complex. Most of these trials are supported by legacy/older technologies that have limited flexibility to quickly adapt to new trial information. The pharmaceutical industry is reaching a tipping point, where the need for flexibility is outweighing the need to be conservative and risk-averse in this highly-regulated environment.

  2. Understanding The New ICH-GCP Landscape

    Can organizations implement today’s regulatory requirements using conventional approaches?

  3. Optimizing Investigator Payments in Clinical Trials Via Effective Business Process Outsourcing

    A full-service, highly qualified partner who uses effective technology-enabled financial management services can help ensure efficient site payments, greater transparency into payments on all sides, and satisfied investigators.

  4. Efficient Use of Resources to Ensure High-Quality Data

    How proactive planning to track missing patients will minimize their detrimental effect on study results.

  5. Latin America: An Untapped Clinical Trials Resource

    Understand the benefits and challenges of conducting studies in Latin America in addition to some recent changes that could expedite regulatory timelines.

  6. Why Choose a Site Network for Your Clinical Trials?

    How global site networks can effectively address timeline, budget and data quality concerns, by providing access to multiple experienced sites within a single network, providing cost savings through reduction of the total number of sites used and recruitment of a large volume of patients.

  7. Implementing Patient-Centric Principles in Asthma Research

    Change the perception of clinical trials by making them less burdensome for patients overall.

  8. Can Your Clinical Supply Chain Pass The Brexit Pressure Test?

    - Clinical trial sponsors and clinical supply vendors must fully consider all attributes of their supply chains to ensure continuity of supply post-Brexit. This whitepaper outlines many questions that sponsors and vendors alike should ask

  9. Precision Oncology Trials: A Look Ahead

    Learn how clinical development technologies and advanced analytics navigate sponsors through the challenges of patient scarcity to transform precision oncology research.

  10. Adapting To The Medical Monitor: Driving Tech Adoption In Clinical Analytics

    The reasons behind the physician monitors’ reluctance, and what technology needs to offer to convince monitors their work can be more efficient — quickly detecting safety signals and speeding time to submission.