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Bayer Uses Lessons From Past Trials To Beat Liver Cancer
Bayer Uses Lessons From Past Trials To Beat Liver Cancer

It has been approximately 10 years since Bayer’s medicine Nexavar was approved for the treatment of advanced hepatocellular (liver) cancer. Despite all of the research and money put into this effort since then, there has not been another drug approved for this disease. However, in April 2017, patients did finally see a new treatment (Stivarga) approved by FDA.

  • Site Payments Still A Global Problem
    Site Payments Still A Global Problem

    Collecting payments has long been an issue for clinical sites, especially those without the financial resources to withstand payment terms of 90 to 120 days. At the SCRS Global Site Solutions summit last fall, I even heard site personnel state they will pay less attention to studies where the sponsor or CRO does not make payments in a timely manner. We know that 40 percent of sites have cited slow payments as a primary operating concern. Financial stress at sites may even be negatively impacting the success of clinical trials.

  • Can A New Outsourcing Approach Improve Clinical Trials?
    Can A New Outsourcing Approach Improve Clinical Trials?

    For companies wanting to outsource their trials but also harbor concerns over CRO size and staffing, is there a solution? One group thinks they have come up with the answer. Four companies have come together to form a consortium designed to provide pharma with a dedicated team of trial experts focused on making studies more efficient and cost effective. Current members of the alliance include FMD K&L, inSeption Group, Pyxa Solutions, and OneSource Regulatory, with a plan to add more members in the future.

  • Proposed Tax Change Would Impact Clinical Research
    Proposed Tax Change Would Impact Clinical Research

    Pharma companies that conduct clinical research inhouse essentially get a 100 percent tax break on the expenses incurred from that research (about 70 percent of which are normally wages). If they instead outsource that research to a CRO, they may claim only 65 percent of eligible expenses. The CRO gets no tax break, so that 35 percent difference simply disappears. If a group of congressmen get their way, that situation might soon change.

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  • SynteractHCR Full-Service CRO Brochure

    SynteractHCR is a multinational clinical research organization, formed from the merger of Synteract with Harrison Clinical Research in 2013, which provides global, full-service clinical trial services. We have more than two decades of experience supporting biopharma companies in all phases of clinical development across multiple therapeutic areas. We customize programs that will deliver timely, high quality data to help you get to decision points faster, taking time and cost out of drug development.

  • Risk-Based Monitoring - Can You Afford To Wait?

    On-site monitoring is one of the largest cost drivers in a trial, accounting for 30 percent on average of the cost of a clinical trial. Fifty percent of the cost of on-site monitoring involves ensuring data quality through source document verification (SDV).

  • Financial Management With Clinical Conductor Site CTMS At Coastal Carolina Research Center

    The Coastal Carolina Research Center began using Clinical Conductor Site CTMS in 2008.

  • Phase I-IIA Clinical Trials Brochure

    At inVentiv Health we have the ability to expedite clinical programs and build the foundation for continued development of the product.

  • New Molecular Entities (NMEs) The Path Of Resistance

    On a global scale, the number of new molecular entities (NMEs) in development—and, more importantly, the number being approved by regulatory authorities— has dropped significantly in recent years.

  • Merge CTMS For Investigators - Enterprise Datasheet

    You want a clinical trial management system (CTMS) that is simple enough for all stakeholders to use and that delivers results.

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Clinical Operations Clinical Operations

Clinical operations are a critical component in all studies. SynteractHCR’s highly skilled staff is well-versed in clinical trial operations including implementing, monitoring and managing the clinical components of a study. From start-up to close-out, experienced clinical managers and clinical research associates (CRAs) oversee each study’s clinical processes to ensure proper planning, conduct, patient safety, and data quality, while fostering good communication between study sites and sponsor.

Risk Mitigation: Gap Analysis Risk Mitigation: Gap Analysis

Global regulators are becoming increasingly vigilant in their oversight of clinical research, steadily increasing the annual number of Sponsor inspections they conduct. Sponsors that proactively assess process and organizational risks can act before these risks become findings in a regulatory inspection.

Therapeutic & Diagnostic Product Strategy Development Therapeutic & Diagnostic Product Strategy Development

As products evolve and change, so does the expertise required to develop them. We work with the new and growing field of therapeutics and diagnostics that are combination products, typically comprised of two or more regulated components, i.e., drug/device, biologic/device, drug/biologic, or drug/device/biologic. These products can be physically, chemically, or otherwise conjoined to produce a single entity; packaged together in a single package; or labeled in such a way that both products are required to achieve the intended use or effect.

Late Stage Clinical Product Development Strategy Late Stage Clinical Product Development Strategy

Our deep expertise in translational and clinical sciences combined with strong operational background allows us to evaluate each client's assets as unique commercial opportunities. We guide our clients through critical strategic decisions at product transition points, and help them manage partnerships or other collaborative alternatives.

Biopharm & Medical Device Vendor Management Biopharm & Medical Device Vendor Management

In today's environment, companies are focusing on optimizing costs and as such, utilize external vendors frequently. However, with organizations increasingly dependent on multiple vendors to support product development, a disciplined approach to vendor management is critical for success.

Organizational Design And Development Organizational Design And Development

Organizational optimization is one of our core offerings. We help clients redefine the vision for their company, restructure for a long-term and sustainable change, or build specific strategic and tactical capabilities to accomplish their product development objectives.

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