The Importance of Proactive Clinical Returns Planning
The Importance of Proactive Clinical Returns Planning

Help sponsors design a more holistic strategy to their managing the clinical supply returns process.

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  • Optimizing Your Supply Chain Management

    How a powerful forecasting and demand planning technology for managing the end-to-end clinical supply chain can quickly simulate the most common scenarios for each step of your study, create a study baseline and forecast randomization into different dosing groups.

  • How To Reduce Your Cost And Effort When Servicing Clinical Trials In Canada

    Contracting an in-country clinical depot helps bring costs and timelines under control.

  • Breakthrough-Designation Increases Stress On Clinical Supply Chain

    While Andexanet Alfa’s Breakthrough Designation added additional stress to the supply chain, Portola and Sherpa navigated these issues by devising fast, flexible and responsive approaches to supply chain management.

  • Just-In-Time Packaging And Shipping Supports Multiple, Complex Clinical Trials

    This case study details how Sherpa Clinical Packaging partnered with South Bay Therapeutics to craft the best clinical supply management strategies for their multiple, complex clinical trials.

  • Sherpa Clinical Packaging – Fast, Flexible, Reliable Service For Every Customer

    Sherpa’s packaging, storage, and distribution services are built with the customer in mind. As the Sherpas of the clinical packaging world, our team is empowered to guide you to the best strategic clinical supply solution for your project while ensuring your deadlines are met.

  • Feasibility Of Shipping Clinical Trial Drugs Directly To Patients’ Homes

    Conducting clinical trials for rare, debilitating diseases can be particularly challenging, owing to the smaller patient population with limited mobility and greater caregiving requirements. Direct-to-patient shipping of clinical trial drugs, while not typical, might help to reach these patient populations who otherwise would struggle to participate in and comply with clinical trials. However, implementation of this strategy is challenging because of many reasons such as the logistical considerations and regulatory requirements regarding patient confidentiality and quality control. Recently, Bioclinica collaborated with a sponsor to successfully ship study drugs directly to patients.

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Distribution Services Distribution Services

When time-reduction, cost-savings, quality and reliability matter, ropack pharma solutions is the distribution partner positioned to deliver.

Certis® GPS-RP Pallet Shipper Certis® GPS-RP Pallet Shipper

The pre-qualified Certis GPS-RP pallet shipper is designed specifically for loading a standard 48” x 40” pallet into the designated payload space.

Control GMP Content And Prevent Revenue Loss In Life Sciences Manufacturing Control GMP Content And Prevent Revenue Loss In Life Sciences Manufacturing

Life sciences organizations face more pressure than ever to run efficient, uninterrupted manufacturing production at the lowest possible cost. To stay compliant with government regulations, quality and manufacturing organizations must precisely follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standardized processes and maintain an associated document control process that adheres to those requirements.

Cryoport Standard Shipper Cryoport Standard Shipper

The CryoPort Express® Standard Dry Vapor Shipper is lightweight and re-usable combining the best features of packaging, cryogenics and high-vacuum technology.

Cryoport Combo Shipper Cryoport Combo Shipper

The Cryoport Express® Combo Liquid Nitrogen Dry Vapor Shipper uses a dry vapor liquid nitrogen (LN2) technology to maintain below -150° C temperatures with a dynamic shipping endurance of 10+ days.

Cryoport Data Monitoring & Analysis Cryoport Data Monitoring & Analysis

Today, there is more focus than ever on temperature monitoring. With increased fragility of biologics and increased scrutiny on maintaining temperature budgets, it is critical that frozen shippers not only maintain their temperature budgets but also have the data to prove it.

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