Industry Insights

  1. Life Sciences And Serverless Tech. A Step Too Far?

    The special requirements that must be met as  the cloud as adopted by life sciences organizations.

  2. Top Considerations for EDC Vendor Selection

    How to be sure that the solution you’ve chosen is best suited to completing this task with speed and ease.

  3. Twin Revolutions: Will New Tech Get Along With New Regulations In Clinical Research Technology?

    What can be done to that the technology opening new doors in the capture and analysis of clinical data, and the guidance responsible for regulating them, keep up with one another?

  4. Business and Cultural Considerations When Managing Clinical Supplies for Asia-Pacific Studies

    In addition to careful adherence with all applicable regulatory and Customs requirements, sponsors should understand and be sensitive to the cultural and business norms of each country included in their study.

  5. Don’t Let Insufficient Data Undermine Your CMO & CRO Selection Processes

    Selecting a partner is challenging, but with the right information you can simplify your efforts and increase your likelihood of making the best decision. 

  6. Driving Patient Engagement in Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Research to Achieve Trial Success

    This article discusses best practices for developing and implementing a patient-centered approach to Alzheimer’s Disease clinical research. Using the right channels and messaging to speed recruitment and provide lasting engagement can improve study success rates.

  7. More Insight from MAGI 2017 West: What’s Driving Change in the Industry?

    Takeaways from MAGI 2017 West regarding changes taking place in the industry at large and an analysis of what’s driving those changes.

  8. Clinical Trials Are Expensive. Why Does That Matter?

    Explore the impact of the high cost of clinical trials and how the industry can mitigate it.

  9. Should I Use An EDC System For My Device Study?

    What to consider when determining if you should use an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) System for your medical device study.

  10. How eClinical Technology Can Save You Time and Money On Your Next Study

    Tips to avoid inefficiency during study development that can lead to wasted effort and capital, or errors that may ultimately prove detrimental to your investigation.