Industry Insights

  1. 6 Strategies To Stretch Your Limited Drug Supply for Clinical Studies

    These clinical packaging strategies can be used to help successfully manage the supply of an expensive drug product throughout the duration of clinical testing. Without doing so, there could be costly interruptions or extended delays that would have a devastating impact on a company’s timeline to commercialization.

  2. Patient-Centricity: A Progressive Prescription For Modern Healthcare

    This article reviews current trends in Real-World Data (RWD) collection and how clinical trial sponsors can generate significant returns on investment by utilizing innovative technologies to overcome the perceived challenges that hinder some patient-centric initiatives.

  3. Three Respiratory Trial Strategies That Won’t Leave You Breathless

    This article reviews three strategies that will help sponsors and CROs cut the time and cost of their trials while improving respiratory data quality.

  4. Do THIS To Shorten Your Clinical Trial

    With sponsors facing increasing pressure to reduce drug prices and bring therapies to patients faster, follow these tips to shorten your clinical development process.

  5. GDPR & Data Protection Worldwide: Key Changes Drug Developers Need To Know About

    Understand the new requirements and as well as your company’s role in addressing them.

  6. How to Enhance Your Patient Engagement Efforts Through Technology

    How site-focused eClinical tablet applications can be effective vehicles for patient engagement.

  7. Three Hurdles in Alzheimer’s Research – and How eClinical Technology Provides the Efficiency to Clear Them

    Taking a look at some of the hurdles associated with Alzheimer’s research and why eClinical technology is an invaluable asset to the researchers who continue to fight for new treatments.

  8. Understanding The Power Of Natural Killer Cells And New Nonradioactive Assay Approaches

    With proactive planning and validated processes, NK cell functional analysis can support a range of various immunotoxicity endpoints in a study, from discovery and development to the clinic.

  9. Is Your Bioanalytical And Clinical Trials Testing Strategy Optimized?

    Achieve cost-efficiencies and speed data delivery by combining bioanalytical and central laboratory services for clinical trials.

  10. Unlock Historical Data To Enrich RBM Insights

    The data landscape for clinical operations is complex and comprised of many disparate sources, so a data agnostic solution is essential for full access and visibility into the data. Without an intuitive visual analytics tool, it becomes impossible to navigate data hierarchies and gain meaningful insights into the data.