Industry Insights

  1. The Connected Trial Management System

    CROs are increasingly responsible for a broad range of study management activities. Don’t burden your study teams with unnecessary manual tasks and workarounds that ultimately prevent the development of smart work solutions by using an outdated CTMS that simply cannot keep pace.

  2. Reduce The Time Needed To Implement Your Clinical Trial Management System

    Mitigate the risk of significant financial investment and time by selecting a system with the ability for phased implementation of the full system configuration.

  3. What Your Clinical Study Design Reveals About Your Clinical Packaging Needs

    To ensure the timely delivery of the necessary supplies, a sponsor must have a strong clinical packaging strategy that takes into account the most important details of its clinical study design. The goal is to be able to respond appropriately to any surprises or issues that could not only jeopardize your study but also potentially delay your product’s development and launch.

  4. Four Easy Steps To Site Optimization

    This article identifies the ‘low-hanging fruit’ of site optimization that, if reached for early, can replace previous time-intensive, manual methods and deliver significant cost, time and data quality benefits with minimal investment and disruption.

  5. Revving Up For Fall In Patient Recruitment

    September and October are historically some of the best times for clinical trial recruitment.

  6. Does Your Recruitment Strategy Need Re-Routing? 4 Questions to Ask

    In the summer months, we find that a lot of our clients are re-assessing clinical trial recruitment strategies. How is the study tracking to its milestones? What goals have been communicated to senior management?

  7. Use Your Summer Slowdown To Plan Ahead

    It’s important to take advantage of a slow-down in activities to plan for the future. Use any downtime during summer to plan ahead for your patient enrollment push in September and into the following year.

  8. Avoiding Roadblocks To Patient Recruitment In Clinical Trials

    This is the first in a series of posts to help you navigate some of the roadblocks that may impede your ability to enroll patients during the summer months.  

  9. Accelerating Patient Recruitment To The Finish Line

    If your recruitment campaign includes advertising, digital and social media should be a part of it. Sponsors are increasingly turning to platforms like Facebook and Twitter as a way to target potential patients, especially because of the flexibility they offer. 

  10. Roadmap To Recruitment: Avoiding Summer Roadblocks

    Summer time! We look forward to it all year long. The days last longer, school is out, the weather is warm and inviting, and it’s time to take a break. But…wait. Before you do, consider how summer holidays can derail clinical trial timelines.