Insights On Clinical Technologies

  1. First Thoughts After ISOQOL 2018

    Mark P. Wade, Executive Director, Life Sciences at TransPerfect shares his thoughts on the ISOQOL 25th Annual Conference in Dublin. Hear what professionals that live and breathe Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA) measures learned from this event.

  2. TMF Summits In Europe And OCT Barcelona: Talking About The Future Of TMF

    These recent events stressed the importance of the use of an electronic content management system and striving for a paperless environment. Read key take-aways from attendees at these events regarding what the future of TMF could look like.

  3. DIA Session Recap: Automated Translations For Pharma Companies

    The translation process for clinical trials, regulatory affairs, and other high-risk pharmaceutical documentation is historically manual and time-consuming. Learn how companies can transform the translation process using technology and artificial intelligence to work more efficiently and get drugs to market faster.

  4. Pharma’s Digital Awakening: Research-Ready Health Information And AI To Reduce Cost And Deliver Better Treatments

    Digital innovations and their emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), advanced analytics, and cloud-based computing, are transforming industries and markets across the world as they offer novel ways to boost R&D, increase product quality and safety, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

  5. Differentiating Oncology Research Pipeline In Today’s Competitive Era

    With novel therapies being launched there is a shift in data and evidence requirements as well. How can you be sure you are keeping up with the real-world evidence demands?

  6. The Model-Based Approach: A Better Way To Forecast Enrollment

    Compared to conventional approaches, a model-based approach to enrollment forecasting provides a more realistic assessment of the possible risks and outcomes for any given scenario, by accounting for the nonlinearity and randomness of real-life enrollment processes. In addition, a model-based approach offers many more advantages other than more realistic expectations.

  7. Creating A Common Language: Forging Statistical And Clinical Collaborations

    This article will provide helpful pointers from  Paul Terrill, Director of Strategic Consulting at Cytel to ensure smooth communication between statistical and clinical stakeholders.

  8. Looking Ahead To 2019: Insights Into Clinical Research Trends from Our Experts

    IN 2018 there were many changes, trends, regulations and priorities that shaped the direction of the clinical research and drug development fields. In this paper, WCG experts share what they anticipate in 2019, and what everyone should be prepared for as we approach another year of change.

  9. inui Health Gets Results With EDC And eSource

    How a diagnostics startup drastically reduced timelines and costs, and easily shared data across dispersed sites.

  10. 2 Big Shifts In Clinical Research – What Are The Implications For CROs And eClinical Technology?

    As sponsors increasingly outsource their clinical trial operations to CROs in search of greater cost efficiency there is a higher premium on eClinical technology and other resources that empower CROs to better navigate that competition.