Insights On Clinical Technologies

  1. Five Considerations For Sites Preparing For eConsent

    Five areas to investigate to determine whether your site is ready based on the 2016 FDA-OHRP guidance about eConsents.

  2. Monitoring Clinical Trials With Electronic Informed Consent

    This article highlights some of the monitoring challenges and burdens related to informed consent for a clinical trial and explains how electronic informed consent (eConsent) can positively impact monitoring practices and documentation. The article demonstrates how oversight of data integrity and human subject protection may be improved with an eConsent solution and provides some guidance on considerations when implementing eConsent in a clinical trial to enhance the monitoring process, including saving time, reducing costs and boosting efficiencies.

  3. eSource Is Here: What To Do Today To Ensure Success Tomorrow

    What can organizations – both in research and in technology – do to help define that future?

  4. Altus Research Maximizes Efficiency With eSource

    By eliminating paper source documents from their daily site operations, the clinical research facility has enhanced data sharing, reduced administrative headaches, and ensured, for their clients, high-quality data that meet ALCOA and other attributes as described by regulatory authorities and GCP.

  5. GDPR: New Considerations And Shared Experiences For Life Sciences Companies

    Life science industry peers can share knowledge and strategies as they make adjustments and strive to establish new best practices and navigate necessary system changes.

  6. At Topstone Research, Medrio Equips A Busy Data Management Team With Efficient EDC

    EDC system enables CRO to take on a rescue trial that required the import of thousands of records from the previous system into the new one.

  7. The Complete EDC Buyer’s Guide: What Should You Be Looking For?

    Navigate the process of EDC vendor selection and make a better-informed purchase decision on this key technology for clinical research.

  8. 3 Signs Your EDC Is Fit for Today’s Clinical Trials

    Provide EDC users the benefits that are essential to successful clinical data management.

  9. To Insource Or Not To Insource: What Is Your Best Clinical Analytics Strategy?

    What to consider when making this important strategic decision.

  10. User Acceptance Testing And RTSM System Validation

    When implementing a randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) system for a clinical trial, there is a shared responsibility between the RTSM vendor and sponsor organizations to ensure the system performs as intended according to predefined requirements.