Insights On Clinical Technologies

  1. Challenges, Change, And The Future Of eTMF

    The TransPerfect Life Sciences Trial Interactive team was excited to attend the 2017 TMF Summit in London this October, where discussions on the movement from paper to eTMF continued to be a focus.  

  2. Managing The Entire Lifecycle Of Clinical Trial Images In A Single Tool

    How the right technology can dramatically improve compliance, efficiency, and visibility in trials involving imaging.

  3. Four Questions For Aspiring EDC Experts

    What clinical researchers should consider as they start to make the essential pivot toward electronic data capture.

  4. What’s Behind The Industry’s Persistent Study Build Delays?

    Understanding the integration challenges and technical demands of implementing electronic data capture (EDC) solutions.

  5. Speed Up Study Start-Up With IWRS Best Practices

    This white paper represents a compilation of industry best practices for designing, implementing and leveraging randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) software in clinical trials.

  6. The Data Driven Reality Of Clinical Trials

    Understand how Metrics provide the foundation for business intelligence for clinical trials, measuring success or failure.

  7. Unlocking The Patient Voice: How Digital Data Capture Is Transforming Healthcare Decision Making

    Read how new technological solutions are enabling humanistic patient reported outcomes (PROs) that enhance Real-World Evidence (RWE) and support better informed healthcare decisions.

  8. CRF Health Celebrates American Diabetes Month

    Learn more about how you can control diabetes, and give patients the opportunity to take back their life and enjoy what makes them happy.

  9. Maximizing Immuno-Oncology Clinical Trial Success

    Immuno-oncology is a unique approach to cancer treatment that leverages the body’s immune system to help fight cancer. In recent years, immune checkpoint inhibitors have changed the landscape of immunotherapy, and emerging therapies such as chimeric antigen receptor T-cells (CAR-T), dendritic cell vaccines and bi-specific T-cell engager (BiTE) antibodies are pushing the envelope even further.

  10. Optimizing Rare Disease Outcomes Through eCOA Technology And Training

    Read how utilizing electronic data capture systems ─ including eCOA ─ and training site raters, subjects and caregivers are important tools to ensure high quality data capture in rare disease research.