Insights On Clinical Technologies

  1. The Digital Pill

    Although there are clear benefits with the first pill to include a digital sensor that tracks if and when it has been ingested brings, there are also questions regarding  patient privacy and choice.

  2. Looking Ahead To 2018: Insights Into Clinical Research Trends From Industry Experts

    In this paper, some of our thought-leaders provide their insights on what they are watching for and what they anticipate in 2018 in clinical trial technology, regulatory changes, and scientific developments.

  3. More Insight from MAGI 2017 West: What’s Driving Change in the Industry?

    Takeaways from MAGI 2017 West regarding changes taking place in the industry at large and an analysis of what’s driving those changes.

  4. Clinical Trials Are Expensive. Why Does That Matter?

    Explore the impact of the high cost of clinical trials and how the industry can mitigate it.

  5. Should I Use An EDC System For My Device Study?

    What to consider when determining if you should use an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) System for your medical device study.

  6. How eClinical Technology Can Save You Time and Money On Your Next Study

    Tips to avoid inefficiency during study development that can lead to wasted effort and capital, or errors that may ultimately prove detrimental to your investigation.

  7. Preparing For eConsent - A Step By Step Guide For Site Personnel

    Electronic informed consent, or eConsent, is one technological advancement introduced to clinical trials that is escalating in its adoption. In this blog, get 5 tips for implementing and preparing for eConsent.

  8. Six Reasons To Consider Outsourcing Your eClinical Study Build

    With the built-in flexibility and control of some eClinical solutions available today, why wouldn't you want to do it all yourself?

  9. Top Six Selection Criteria When Choosing An EDC Provider

    With so many choices out there selecting an EDC provider can be difficult and confusing. Follow these tips to avoid getting bogged down in the details and losing sight of what’s really important.

  10. CRO Rescues Multi Study Program Utilizing EDC Solution

    How the right team and tools can make all the difference in clinical trial rescue scenarios.