Insights On Clinical Technologies

  1. Maximizing Efficiencies In Site Enrollment

    Pharma companies and CROs are recognizing the need for focused electronic feasibility solutions to resolve challenges with processes managed in Excel trackers.

  2. Analytics And Metrics Help Pinpoint Costs Of Study Startup

    Learn how by embracing a systematic, data-driven approach, it is possible for metrics to identify more accurately the best sites, steps causing delays, the associated costs, and why this is happening.

  3. More Collaboration With Investigative Sites: Less Technology Overload Delivers Transparency And Efficiencies

    Learn about how sites struggling under the weight of too much technology, yet looking for a more robust collaboration and transparency process can benefit from automated workflows in the initiation of clinical trials.

  4. Which Door To RBM Adoption?

    Overcoming the many known barriers to adopting and implementing an RBM program.

  5. Adopting eConsent In Research: Security, Privacy, And Other Considerations

    This whitepaper offers a résumé of regulations under which eConsent solutions and vendors may fall and, more importantly, discusses the practical implications of those regulations for vendors and those responsible for designing and executing research plans.

  6. What Are The Full Implications Of The eSource Revolution?

    As more and more sites adopt eSource, the industry is poised for swift change and dramatic growth.

  7. Medical Coding And New FDA Guidelines For WHODrug B3/C3

    With the FDA mandate for WHODrug B3/C3 less than a year away you have to consider if your coding solution and data capture system(s) are up to the task.

  8. Conquer Study Start-Up Delays With A Data-Driven Approach

    Study start-up delays have perplexed the best minds in the clinical trials industry for decades. Discover how advanced analytics and an intense focus on the four problem areas can help.

  9. Study Stakeholder Collaboration Takes The Stage At DIA

    A strategy to reduce potential conflicts when working with clinical research study stakeholders.

  10. Three Things eClinical Providers Owe Their Users

    Three essential things for data managers to look for - and for technology providers like us to deliver - as clinical trial technology becomes more prevalent and diverse.