Trial Design Solutions

  1. TrialScope Transparency Management Brochure

    TrialScope Clinical Trial Transparency Service (CTTS) enables clinical trial sponsors to engage with patients and the public via a user-friendly, high impact website to openly share clinical trial information and results, demonstrating leadership in transparency while optimizing trial recruitment and retention.

  2. Patient Insights And Engagement

    Bringing the patient’s perspective into all phases of development.

  3. Patient Engagement

    WCG’s end-to-end patient recruitment solution connects patients to clinical trials, enhances site resources and capabilities, and improves study data quality and endpoints. On average, we are helping our clients achieve a 33% acceleration in their enrollment timelines.

  4. EnForeSys Enrollment Forecasting Software Brochure

    Today, more than half of clinical studies take longer than expected to achieve their enrollment targets, often leading to discontinued trials, and expensive failures. EnForeSys is a user-friendly decision tool that leverages cutting-edge simulation methods to predict recruitment milestones with high accuracy. Armed with a reliable probability of success, you can rest assured that your trial will achieve its target enrollment on time and on budget.

  5. Support Services

    Rigorous attention to detail is paramount to the successful execution of global clinical trials.

  6. DIA NOW

    DIA NOW enables on-demand, curated access to actionable insights across DIA's global platforms.

  7. TrialScope Disclosure Management Brochure

    TrialScope Clinical Trial Registry Manager (CTRM) delivers the proven solutions clinical trial sponsors need to centralize, track, register, and comply with clinical trial disclosure processes, mitigating compliance risks while giving them greater control over their own clinical trial disclosure reputation.

  8. Blinding of Clinical Trial Supplies

    Offered as part of our complete supply chain solution, masking or blinding of clinical trial supplies removes investigator and patient bias and limits a potential placebo effect.

  9. Electronic Informed Consent: 2017 Industry Survey Results

    Electronic Informed Consent (eConsent) is the next big technological innovation in clinical trials. 146 respondents from 100 biotech, pharmaceutical, CRO, and IRB organizations shared their experiences, expectations, and ideas about the future of eConsent. Whether you’re just starting to consider eConsent or ready to expand adoption, download this report for insight on what is likely to be the next “must-have” in clinical trials.

  10. Commercial Drug Procurement

    Sponsors require an end-to-end service that can provide comparators on a global scale. We understand that this requires a full supply chain solution to manage a clinical trial.