Trial Design Solutions

  1. Supply Chain Management for Global Clinical Trials

    Expertise in the blinding, packaging and global distribution of investigational products.

  2. Blinding of Clinical Trial Supplies

    Offered as part of our complete supply chain solution, masking or blinding of clinical trial supplies removes investigator and patient bias and limits a potential placebo effect.

  3. Clinical Packaging (Primary)

    Flexible, global and automated clinical packaging solutions.

  4. Clinical Packaging (Secondary)

    Experts in packaging patient kits and labelling.

  5. Clinical Storage & Distribution

    The knowledge we’ve gained from handling millions of international clinical supply shipments has helped us to develop an expertly managed service.

  6. Adapting And Evolving In An Era Of Biologic Growth

    Learn how Q2 Solutions continues to advance their customers' efforts and lead the way in the evolving science and regulatory environment.

  7. Advancing Precision Medicine Through Anatomic Pathology

    Tissue-based molecular testing and companion diagnostics

  8. Assays To Drive Success In Anti-infective And Vaccine Development

    Learn how Q2 Solutions utilizes over 35 years of experience in infectious disease and immunology assay development and clinical diagnostic testing to provide you with solutions to meet your anti-infective and vaccine needs across the development continuum.

  9. Delivery Excellence For Anti-infective And Vaccine Development

    Learn more about how Q2 Solutions is providing best-in-class quality systems across a global vaccine network to ensure sample integrity for high-quality data delivery and better outcomes for your anti-infective or vaccine study.

  10. Q2 Comprehensive Sample Management Innovations

    Keep track of specimens collected, stored, shipped, tested and reported through innovative laboratory sample management .