Trial Design Solutions

  1. Clinical Diagnostic Services Brochure

    At PRA Health Sciences, our global teams understand that diagnostic studies are different from drug development projects and require designs customized to their unique challenges.

  2. Certis® GPS-RP Pallet Shipper

    The pre-qualified Certis GPS-RP pallet shipper is designed specifically for loading a standard 48” x 40” pallet into the designated payload space.

  3. Optimizer: Clinical Supply Chain Planning Technology

    Optimizer is BioClinica's powerful forecasting and demand planning technology used by the world's largest pharmaceutical companies to manage global logistics of the clinical supply chain. Managing supplies based on demand creates opportunities for savings and efficiencies in numerous areas, eliminating the high cost of waste as well as shortages that threaten timelines, budgets and even study integrity.

  4. Control GMP Content And Prevent Revenue Loss In Life Sciences Manufacturing

    Life sciences organizations face more pressure than ever to run efficient, uninterrupted manufacturing production at the lowest possible cost. To stay compliant with government regulations, quality and manufacturing organizations must precisely follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standardized processes and maintain an associated document control process that adheres to those requirements.

  5. UX Trial Design™ - Unified Design Tool Datasheet

    DATATRAK’s UX Trial Design™ product streamlines the entire design-to-deployment process using a single tool. 

  6. UX Trial Design™ - Unified Design Tool

    DATATRAK ONE® UX Trial Design™ product streamlines the entire design-to-deployment process using a single tool. Trial Designers are able to configure their studies, immediately view their changes in the Design environment and commit the files into the versioning repository.

  7. DATATRAK Clinical And Consulting Services (DCCS) Datasheet

    DATATRAK Clinical and Consulting Services™ (DCCS) provides clinical support services to assist you in moving your drug, biologic or device from Concept to Cure®.

  8. DATATRAK Clinical and Consulting Services (DCCS)

    We deliver superior service through our DATATRAK ONE® program by aligning our service delivery processes and our integrated technology.

  9. Clinical Business Expo Brochure

    Controlling costs and improving quality in clinical trial operations is a tough job!

  10. Temperature Monitoring

    In transit or storage, Marken ensures that your pharmaceuticals, biologicals, medical devices, and diagnostic equipment stay within proper temperature ranges at all times. Our temperature-monitoring services provide you with the assurance of knowing your product’s integrity is never jeopardized.