Trial Design Solutions

  1. Q2 Solutions Genomic Laboratory Services

    Genomic Know-How® to drive tailored solutions, optimized quality systems, delivery excellence and better insights.

  2. Genomic Laboratory Services

    Access leading-edge technologies, scientific experts and Genomics Know-How®. Q2 Solutions | EA Genomics, advances science from understanding the human genome and disease biology to detecting the effects of therapies.

  3. Q2 Solutions Corporate Brochure

    Learn who we are, what we do, and how we impact customers through the lens of our vision, mission, values, behaviors, and brand promise.

  4. Tumor Mutational Burden (TMB) Assay For Response To Immunotherapy

    Enable sensitive mutation detection for quantifying TMB across various tumor indications.

  5. Bioanalytical & ADME Laboratory Services

    Global industry-leading expertise and resources to help support high quality delivery of routine and complex bioanalytical and ADME projects for our customers.

  6. Site and Patient Solutions

    ICON's proven site and patient recruitment paradigm bridges the gap between patients and clinical research sites.

  7. Patient Insights And Engagement

    Bringing the patient’s perspective into all phases of development.

  8. Worldwide Evidence™: Advancing Science and Strategy at Every Stage of the Product Life Cycle

    Transform data into persuasive evidence to document the clinical, economic, and humanistic value of innovative drugs and devices before and after product approval and launch. Ready to learn how?

  9. Medical Writing and Publishing

    Medical and regulatory documentation developed by experienced medical writing teams plays a pivotal role in the success of a clinical research project.


    Flex Advantage offers enhanced randomization, clinical supply management capabilities and enables the execution of adaptive clinical trials.