White Papers

  1. Looking Ahead To 2019: Insights Into Clinical Research Trends from Our Experts

    IN 2018 there were many changes, trends, regulations and priorities that shaped the direction of the clinical research and drug development fields. In this paper, WCG experts share what they anticipate in 2019, and what everyone should be prepared for as we approach another year of change.

  2. CAR-T Cell Therapies: Safety Considerations and Toxicity Management

    Along with demonstrated efficacy in hematologic malignancies, CAR-T cells have the capacity to elicit serious toxicities. Safety considerations related to CAR-T cells may impact both trial design and trial management, as the adverse events (AEs) associated with immuno-oncology agents differ from those associated with cytotoxic therapies. Learn how to make anticipating, preventing and managing toxicity a key component of clinical studies involving CAR-T cells.

  3. SEO, UX Key To Finding – And Understanding – Clinical Trials

    According to experts, sponsors’ clinical trials websites should focus on three primary areas: patient-centric content and design, navigation and mobile friendliness.

  4. The Perfect Remedy For Clinical Trial Distribution

    The distribution of Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs) has become an increasingly complex part of the clinical supply chain. Download our white paper to understand why an effective distribution strategy is essential to a clinical trial’s success.

  5. Maximizing Success In Early Stage Oncology Trials: Considerations And Strategies In The Era Of Molecularly Targeted Agents

    Making a meaningful impact on the survival and quality of life of patients with cancer remains a significant challenge. This white paper discusses considerations and strategies for maximizing the likelihood of success in early phase oncology trials and developing significantly improved therapeutics for patients.

  6. Rapid Change, Real Promise: The Future Of Rare Oncology Research

    Insight on the major issues being raised in the rare oncology space today, including patient perspectives on rare cancer research, innovative trial designs, the regulatory landscape, and pending legislation that may impact how studies are conducted.

  7. Driving Product Development And Finding The Fast Track In Early-Phase Oncology Programs

    Explore the many aspects a company must consider in planning and executing an early-phase oncology trial of this hypothetical compound, from performing a regulatory gap analysis and developing a target product profile to identifying the right patients and selecting efficacy endpoints.

  8. Opportunities Beyond Hope: Immuno-Oncology Drug Development

    Explore the role of the immune system in cancer development, as well as the history and challenges of developing immunotherapies for cancer.

  9. Caregivers - The Missing Link to Patient Centricity

    Caregivers are an integral part of the care team and are involved in everything from medication choice to adherence strategy. Yet, they’ve often been an afterthought for life sciences companies, even as the industry focuses on patient centricity.

  10. Health Consumer Mindsets

    How are consumers engaging with their healthcare in today’s environment and what drives engagement, and what hinders motivation or ability to engage? This study explores these questions.