White Papers

  1. Latin America: An Untapped Clinical Trials Resource

    Understand the benefits and challenges of conducting studies in Latin America in addition to some recent changes that could expedite regulatory timelines.

  2. Why Choose a Site Network for Your Clinical Trials?

    How global site networks can effectively address timeline, budget and data quality concerns, by providing access to multiple experienced sites within a single network, providing cost savings through reduction of the total number of sites used and recruitment of a large volume of patients.

  3. Implementing Patient-Centric Principles in Asthma Research

    Change the perception of clinical trials by making them less burdensome for patients overall.

  4. Can Your Clinical Supply Chain Pass The Brexit Pressure Test?

    - Clinical trial sponsors and clinical supply vendors must fully consider all attributes of their supply chains to ensure continuity of supply post-Brexit. This whitepaper outlines many questions that sponsors and vendors alike should ask

  5. Precision Oncology Trials: A Look Ahead

    Learn how clinical development technologies and advanced analytics navigate sponsors through the challenges of patient scarcity to transform precision oncology research.

  6. Adapting To The Medical Monitor: Driving Tech Adoption In Clinical Analytics

    The reasons behind the physician monitors’ reluctance, and what technology needs to offer to convince monitors their work can be more efficient — quickly detecting safety signals and speeding time to submission.

  7. Choosing The Right Solution: Improving the Clinical Trial Site Feasibility Process

    What are the things that high-performing clinical research sites do that make sponsors return to them again and again?

  8. Five Essential Considerations for Efficient Clinical Trial Site Contracts and Payments

    Insights on how to avoid startup delays, issues executing the clinical trial, or problems with making payments to sites.

  9. Meeting the Challenge of Appropriate Safety Report Distribution During Clinical Trials

    How to bring efficiency back to the  review process and to ensure that investigators are spending their time where it matters most, with the study participants.

  10. Six Practices Of High Performing Clinical Research Sites

    Six things that high-performing clinical research sites do that make sponsors return to them again and again.