White Papers

  1. Ten Tips For Writing Compliant Clinical Trial Participant Materials

    How to ensure participant materials are the most effective, useful, and compliant they can be.

  2. The Complete EDC Buyer’s Guide: What Should You Be Looking For?

    Navigate the process of EDC vendor selection and make a better-informed purchase decision on this key technology for clinical research.

  3. Setting The Scene In Immuno-oncology

    Applying lessons learned to the future of Immuno-oncology.

  4. A Better Way To Pay Clinical Research Sites: Automating Site Grant Payments

    How automating site grant payments can optimize payment processes for sites leading to greater site satisfaction and allowing sites to operate at peak performance and reduce errors.

  5. Understanding The Continuum Of Clinical Collaboration

    Vendor-selection processes are tilting toward finding as broad and deep a fit as possible, the better to capture the efficiencies from scale and repeatability that those moves are intended to deliver.

  6. Regulatory Requirements For Medical Devices In China

    Successful regulatory approval requires a deep understanding of the regulations, process and technical standards, as well as an appropriate regulatory strategy.

  7. User Acceptance Testing And RTSM System Validation

    When implementing a randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) system for a clinical trial, there is a shared responsibility between the RTSM vendor and sponsor organizations to ensure the system performs as intended according to predefined requirements. 

  8. Modern Technologies In Clinical Trials

    Trial designs are becoming more complex. Most of these trials are supported by legacy/older technologies that have limited flexibility to quickly adapt to new trial information. The pharmaceutical industry is reaching a tipping point, where the need for flexibility is outweighing the need to be conservative and risk-averse in this highly-regulated environment.

  9. Understanding The New ICH-GCP Landscape

    Can organizations implement today’s regulatory requirements using conventional approaches?

  10. Optimizing Investigator Payments in Clinical Trials Via Effective Business Process Outsourcing

    A full-service, highly qualified partner who uses effective technology-enabled financial management services can help ensure efficient site payments, greater transparency into payments on all sides, and satisfied investigators.