Is Patient Centricity Just A Buzzword?
Is Patient Centricity Just A Buzzword?

SCORR Marketing, along with KNect365 Life Sciences, a global community of pharma stakeholders, has produced a report on the current status of patient centricity in clinical trials. The survey collected 208 responses from industry professionals in a variety of job functions and regions. The survey tried to determine if companies are taking patient preferences into consideration and, if so, how they are doing so.

  • How One Rare Disease Firm Merged Gene Therapy With Patient Centricity
    How One Rare Disease Firm Merged Gene Therapy With Patient Centricity

    Abeona Therapeutics is named after the Roman goddess who was the protector of children as they start out on their journey. Since launching as a private company in 2013, Abeona has partnered with a dozen international foundations to fund its development efforts. Currently it is seeking a treatment for children with Sanfilippo Syndrome, and engaging caregivers to determine how to best meet the needs of patients taking part in trials.

  • Clinical News Roundup: Is 80 Percent Of China’s Clinical Data Fabricated?
    Clinical News Roundup: Is 80 Percent Of China’s Clinical Data Fabricated?

    Radio Free Asia (RFA) is reporting that a government investigation in China has revealed fraudulent practice on a massive scale in clinical trials. China's food and drug regulator recently carried out a one-year review of clinical trials, concluding that more than 80 percent of clinical data is "fabricated," state media reported.

  • Precision Medicine Through Technology
    Precision Medicine Through Technology

    Many of the innovations applied to healthcare in recent years, such as wearables and other mobile devices, have served to collect precisely this kind of information. How far does a given patient walk every day? How much sleep does she get every night? Devices that answer questions like these are expanding the concept of precision medicine to include more than just genetic data.

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Clinical operations are a critical component in all studies. SynteractHCR’s highly skilled staff is well-versed in clinical trial operations including implementing, monitoring and managing the clinical components of a study. From start-up to close-out, experienced clinical managers and clinical research associates (CRAs) oversee each study’s clinical processes to ensure proper planning, conduct, patient safety, and data quality, while fostering good communication between study sites and sponsor.

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INC Research/inVentiv Health conducts Phase I-IIa clinical trials quickly and efficiently at its dedicated 22,000 square foot clinical facility comprising more than 200 beds in four independent units. An extensive database and relationships with leading hospitals ensures rapid recruitment of study participants for a wide variety of trials.

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The unique patient populations, study design challenges, and special endpoints associated with oncology trials demand specialized knowledge.  INC Research/inVentiv Health's Oncology team is uniquely qualified to manage that complexity.

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With decades of experience in clinical trial design, INC Research/inVentiv Health offers a full range of clinical trial services including bioanalysis, biostatistics, data management, feasibility studies, global safety and pharmacovigilance, medical writing, project management, protocol and case report form design, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, risk management, site management, strategic planning, and study monitoring.

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INC Research/inVentiv Health's experienced team of specialists can help you find the right patients and the right sites to support smooth completion of your global trials.

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Through enhanced productivity and business management tools, Merge CTMS for Investigators allows research organizations to centralize study information, organize research activities, and improve recruitment and financial performance.

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