The Father And CEO Who Climbed A Mountain To Raise Awareness
The Father And CEO Who Climbed A Mountain To Raise Awareness

How far would most CEOs go to raise awareness of the diseases they are attempting to treat? Tim Miller, CEO of Abeona Therapeutics, climbed more than 14,000 feet to the top of Mt. Rainier to raise awareness for Sanfilippo Syndrome, a rare and deadly genetic disease that impacts children.

  • Cell Therapy Trials Present Unique Challenges For Pharma
    Cell Therapy Trials Present Unique Challenges For Pharma

    Maria Fardis, CEO of Iovance Biotherapeutics, has spent 18 years working in the pharma industry. Although most of her experience has been in small molecules and proteins, she now works in the cell therapy space and notes these treatments are a new and exciting space with meaningful differences in how clinical trials are conducted.

  • J&J Announces First Efficacy Study For HIV-1 Preventive Vaccine
    J&J Announces First Efficacy Study For HIV-1 Preventive Vaccine

    On the eve of World AIDS Day 2017, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have joined forces with Johnson & Johnson (J&J) to advance a potential “global vaccine” that could prevent a wide range of viral strains responsible for the world’s HIV pandemic.

  • Tissue Modeling May Cut Clinical Trial Time
    Tissue Modeling May Cut Clinical Trial Time

    In the neuromuscular space, Fulcrum Therapeutics is using tissue donated from patients with facioscapulohumeral (FSH) muscular dystrophy, an incurable form of the disease, to find a treatment. The tissue is used to create research models that look and respond much like natural human tissues

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  • Training and Support Datasheet

    MedNet Solutions provides the highest quality study build training and support possible to help you succeed and to ensure you get the most out of your technology investment.

  • Confronting The Challenges Of Rare Disease: Finding Solutions Across The Entire Product Life Cycle

    A discussion of the commonly encountered hurdles in studying rare diseases and how a cohesive and holistic approach can mitigate issues and help bring new treatments to patients.

  • Applications For Genomic Technologies In Immuno-oncology

    Genomic- based biomarkers are powerful tools used to assess tumor mutational burden, production of novel or neo- antigens and hallmarks of genomic instability, which may be useful as measures of response or resistance to immune therapies.

  • 10-Step Commercial Clinical Protocol Authoring Guide

    Before the protocol authoring process even begins, a variety of activities and decisions are necessary to establish a strategy for success. The following steps provide concepts and considerations that are essential in formulating the details that will become the protocol synopsis and ultimately the clinical study protocol.

  • What The Fitbit Is Helping Pharma Learn About Patients

    Fitness trackers were popular holiday gifts this year and sales are on the rise. While counting steps and getting fit may be the primary reason consumers are purchasing Fitbits and other wearables, other sensors these devices include, such as heart rate and sleep monitors, could actually help big pharma collect a wealth of valuable data to revolutionize personalized medicine.

  • End-To-End Management Of Clinical Trials Data

    The introduction of electronic data capture (EDC) systems in clinical trial data management and analysis triggered the promise of better-managed clinical trials – with greater efficiency, faster access to higher-quality clinical data and better mapping of data flows to business processes.

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