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Competitors Need To Collaborate On Digital Biomarkers
Regeneron’s second annual Digital Biomarkers Summit is a good example of how competing pharma companies can work together in a noncompetitive environment for the industrywide goal of advancing the use of digital biomarkers in clinical trials.  Continue Reading..
Noelle Gaskill
For Hybrid Trials, Have Some Faith … In Sites
Noelle Gaskill believes the key to regulatory success with a DCT is to not force a bunch of tech onto sites, but instead, choose those that already have the needed technology and experience and then let them do what they do best – execute on the trial.  Continue Reading..
Patrick Stone
What To Expect From An FDA Inspection
Former FDA inspector turned regulatory consultant, Patrick Stone, gives some valuable insights to what to expect when the FDA comes knocking at your clinical trial site. Here's a hint: make sure you PI knows the difference between presiding over and overseeing a study.  Continue Reading..
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Why Can’t We Compare Site Performance Measures?
Cerdi Beltré believes it’s possible to develop a global and objective way to measure investigator site performance for metrics such as startup duration, screen-pass rates, or rate of enrollment. It just won’t be easy … or make some sites happy.   Continue Reading..
Bari Kowal
Ignoring Digital Biomarkers Will Be Your Undoing
We are still in the early days of uncovering all the advantages of digital biomarkers. “It’s difficult to figure out what you can measure repeatedly and with some sense of validity,” says Bari Kowal, SVP, development operations, portfolio management & biostatistics data management at Regeneron.  Continue Reading..
Tim Peters-Strickland
4 Questions About A Digital Therapeutic Clinical Trial
Tim Peters-Strickland, SVP, clinical development & medical affairs at Click Therapeutics, explains some of the details that went into the recently FDA-approved Rejoyn digital therapeutic, which was a joint collaboration between Otsuka and Click.  Continue Reading..
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Dear Data Analysts, AI Is Not Replacing You
Deep beneath the ongoing narrative of AI’s potential use cases in clinical trials is the same fear that persists in other industries facing this technology revolution. Namely, will jobs be lost and replaced by machines? So, I thought I’d ask an expert — a machine.  Continue Reading..
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Why Jane Myles Believes DCTs Are “Completely Doable”
If you want to know about how perceptions regarding DCTs are changing, talk with Jane Myles of the DTRA (Decentralized Trials & Research Alliance). As Program Director at DTRA, she is acutely aware of all the challenges and opportunities surrounding anything with the term “decentralized trial.”  Continue Reading..
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How Takeda Leverages Cultural Competency Training To Improve Diversity
Karen Correa, VP, head global clinical operations at Takeda, details some uncommon ways the pharma is tackling the problem of diversity in clinical trials.   Continue Reading..
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Do ClinOps Professionals Understand The CAR-T Supply Chain?
Lee Clough RN, HP, of Novartis talks about the importance of understanding the nuances associated with collecting and shipping autologous material (i.e., CAR-Ts) for clinical trials.   Continue Reading..
Micah and me
Ramblings From A First-Time SCOPE Attendee
Dan Schell, chief editor of Clinical Leader, discusses what sessions stood out to him and some of the KOLs he rubbed elbows with while attending his first SCOPE Summit.   Continue Reading..
Ross Jackson Headshot
No Surprise: Patient Recruitment Still Sucks
Patient recruitment expert Ross Jackson talks about why this part of the clinical trials ecosystem is still a problem and offers up some solutions, specifically around digital/social media outreach.  Continue Reading..
Wigs panel at SOS
A Tribe Called SOS
A first-hand account of a first-time industry conference. Dan Schell, chief editor of Clinical Leader, talks about his impressions of the Save Our Sites (SOS) conference that happened in Tucson, AZ on Feb. 2, 2024.  Continue Reading..
Sunny Kumar
It’s Hard To Predict AI’s Real Value To Clinical Trials
Sunny Kumar, a partner at GSR Ventures, plans to talk about AI and ML use in clinical trials during the SCOPE Summit panel, “The Future of Clinical Trial Tech: Perspectives from Different Investors.”  Continue Reading..
Irena and Kelsey_510x340
The Impact Of Protocol Design On An IRT System
DTP and home treatment studies can get expensive — and be a hassle to patients — if the IRT element isn’t well planned for during trial design. In their SCOPE Summit presentation, Irina Grishina and Kelsey Kern of CSL Behring plan to share their personal anecdotes and lessons learned from both types of trials as they pertain to IRT.   Continue Reading..
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What Is Clinical Trial Tokenization?
Tokenization in clinical trials is still a new concept to many sponsors — and their patients who are volunteering for the studies. At his SCOPE Summit presentation, Tom Dougherty of Pfizer will explain this concept and discuss what trials are a fit.  Continue Reading..
mary arnould
A Closer Look At How RBQM Has Evolved In Recent Years
Mary Arnould, senior director, program management/RBM lead, Clinical Science Operations at Astellas, talks about her SCOPE Summit 2024 presentation called “COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on Risk-Based Quality Management.”  Continue Reading..
Jodi Akin
Founders & Innovators To Share Clinical Trial Tech Insights
Jodi Akin, founder of Hawthorne Effect, discusses some of the topics she will cover on the SCOPE Summit panel titled, “Overcoming Hurdles to Fundraising, Pilots, and Scaling” as part of the colocated Clinical Trial Tech: Venture, Innovation & Partnering event.  Continue Reading..
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A Closer Look At Precision Medicine Clinical Trials
As Sumitomo Pharma America (SMPA) starts to focus more on precision medicine, the sponsor is encountering a new set of challenges when it comes to running clinical trials.  Continue Reading..
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How Re-educating PIs Can Improve Clinical Trial Diversity
Usually, discussions around ways to improve diversity in clinical trials focus on changing traditional protocol-design processes, finding and tapping into larger pools of diverse patients, educating patients on the value of clinical trials — that type of stuff. You don't normally hear people talking about re-educating physicians as a solution.    Continue Reading..
Denise Bronner_450x300
Can Data Help Improve Diversity In Clinical Trials?
Denise Bronner Ph.D., director of diversity, equity, and inclusion in clinical trials at Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine (JJIM) talks about some of the types of datasets that can be leveraged to improve diversity in clinical trials.  Continue Reading..
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My Opinion: CRCs, CRAs, and CTMs Have It Tough
With 20+ years as a CRC, CRA, clinical trial manager, and project manager, Tiffany Ashton, MAS, CCRA talks about how difficult it can be working in some of these roles in today’s clinical trials industry.   Continue Reading..
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Bayer Launches Investigator-Sponsored Collaborative Studies
Bayer added three Phase 3 trials to its MOONRAKER clinical development program for the study of Kerendia (finerenone) as a potential treatment for heart failure. Overall, the goal for the program is to enroll 15,000 participants.  Continue Reading..

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