ActiGraph is pioneering the digital transformation of clinical research. We provide end-to-end digital health technology (DHT) solutions by integrating and operationalizing the best hardware, software, and algorithms to generate reliable evidence and get the right treatments to the right patients, faster. ActiGraph’s medical-grade wearable technology platform has been used to capture real-world, continuous digital measures for nearly 200 industry-sponsored clinical trials and thousands of academic research studies. Appearing in over 20,000 published scientific papers to date, ActiGraph is the most experienced and trusted wearable technology partner in the industry.


  • Discover how recent advancements in wearable sensors and data science have provided the opportunities for objective and unobtrusive assessment of walking in the real world.

  • People with cancer emphasize quality of life (QOL) as an important health outcome across their journey. Explore how digital health technologies can collect patient-centric outcomes passively and remotely, minimizing the burden for people to participate in clinical trials.

  • Explore how an objective scratch measure is now achievable through the use of wrist-worn wearable technology that is both non-invasive and easy to implement.

  • Drug development in neurology is notoriously challenging. Despite being one of the most active areas of clinical development, neurological disease drug trials have among the longest development timelines and highest failure rates in the industry. Learn more in the available e-Book.

  • Wearable devices provide a low-burden and remote approach to quantifying people’s sleep. While difficult to estimate, learn how actigraphy is sensitive to treatment effects.



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